Thursday, 6 December 2012

Naruto 613 Prediction

Naruto and the alliance attack head on!

Madara: Obito, how much do you want to be that he's a clone?
Obito: ...
Naruto throws his rasen shuriken
Madara puts his hand up
Madara: What a weak jutsu...
The rasen shuriken poofs away and out comes another Naruto clone
Madara: !
Naruto: Gotcha!
Naruto grabs on to Madara as if he's hugging him
Madara: Annnnd goodbye.
Madara starts to absorb Naruto's chakra
Obito: *I see, he's doing the same thing he did against Pain. I should warn why am I not speaking up.....*
Madara: !?
Madara starts turning to stone
Naruto: Heeheh you fell for it! Do it guys!
Lee and Gai come from the sides and try to kick Madara's head off
Madara: Laughable.
Madara blows them all away with shinra tensei
Madara: It's time.
The Juubi starts to grow it's shell around it's back
Shikaku: !??
Ao: The sensing orb it's collapsing!
Shikaku: No...don't tell me...
Madara: Destroy them, Juubi!
Juubi rips out of the rock cage and doing so, eliminates a huge portion of the alliance with it's tail swipes
Naruto: urgh what the hell!?
Kakashi: It seems the 10 tails is evolving....
C: This chakra...!!??
C collapses with a nose bleed, as do a lot of other sensors
Naruto: Kurama! How much longer!
Kurama: One minute.
Naruto: !
The Juubi creates a handsign
Kakashi: !?? That's
Bee: Oh shit yo..
Juubi's eye starts bleeding
The Juubi creates an enormous amount of Amaterasu flames from it's eye
A lot of shinobi are burning
Naruto: That was close...
Gamabunta throws away his shield covered in Amaterasu
Gamabunta: Been a while Naruto, but to summon me at a time like this....
Naruto: hehe sorry... we kind of need ya..
Kurama: !
Naruto: What is it?
Kurama: That's it....summon those two frog sages.
Naruto: uh...ok.
Naruto: Cover me, I'm summing Ma and Pa!
Gamabunta: Right!
Madara: What's the kid up to now....
Obito: Who knows...they're not a threat anymore. Let us continue.
Ma and Pa get summoned
Naruto: Sorry, Kurama requested it.
Pa: Kura who?
Naruto: The nine tails!
Pa: !? could it be....
Kurama: Switch with me Naruto.
Naruto/Kurama: listen you frogs, I need you to fuse with Naruto like you did with that pervy sage.
Pa and Ma: !
Ma: no way...don't tell me..
Pa: I think Jiraiya boy was right all along... we'll do it!
Kurama: This time I will allow you to fuse with him, and once you do, we'll see what happens.
Naruto: All right, do it!
Ma and Pa jump on Naruto's shoulders.
Naruto is in Permanent sage mode
Naruto: Woah this is nuts! I can stay in sage mode forever with you guys!
Kurama: Now....
Naruto: !??
Naruto starts getting his Bm chakra back
Madara: !???
Obito: !? What the hell?
Madara: You sensed that as well...
Naruto's chakra is not orange anymore, It's white.
Kakashi: I see, mixing sage chakra with kurama's chakra...creates a new form of chakra.
Killerbee: Hot dayum he looks cool.
Sakura and the rest of the alliance are starring in awe.
Kurama: Listen Naruto, the great sage had two sons. Both sons contained a weapon of the great sage. The younger one had that fan that Madara holds right now, the other weapon is stores inside me however....
Naruto: What..say it!
Kurama: Only a true sage can hold this weapon, if you don't meet the requirements, you will die.
Naruto: ...
Kurama opens his mouth and out comes the staff.
Naruto is about to grab the staff but stops.
Naruto: what if.....
Minato; You are.
Naruto: Dad!
Kushina: Don't worry naruto, we're here.
Naruto: Mom...
Minato: I'm so proud of you Naruto...and I know you are the true saviour of this world.
Kurama: Only a true sage can defeat the perfect Juubi.
Naruto grabs the staff.
Kurama: Go, Naruto!
Naruto stands and looks at Obito and Madara.
Madara: That's not good...he's got the second weapon....
Obito: What does that mean...
Naruto: It means...
Naruto appears right behind them on the Juubi
Madara: !??
Obito: He the yellow flash!?
Naruto: You're finished.
Chapter end.

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