Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Naruto 613 Prediction: Arrival of the Kages

(Scene shows Naruto and the Shinobi forces on an all-out attack at Madara, Obito and the Juubi)

Naruto: Fuuton Rasenshuriken!!!!!

Shinobi Forces: (Katon Gokyakuu Jutsu)
(Suiton Water Blast) = (Steam Vapor Blast)

(Doton Doryuuheki)
(Fuuton Gatsugaa) = (Sand Storm Wave)

Madara: So it seems their jutsu is on a quality level huh??

(Scene shows Madara summoned Complete Susanoo to protect him from the Impacts)

Obito: Gotta go too (Obito Transferred to another dimension)

Kakashi: I knew it..

Kakashi: (transfered to another dimension) (with sakura and sai)

Obito: What the??

(Scene shows Sakura landed a heavy punch while Sai Tiger inks succumbed Obito)

(Scene back to Madara)

Madara: Uchiha Gaeshi!!! (Other Jutsu Impacts has been absorbed then counter-blasted the users)

(Scene shows Obito out of the dimension)

Obito: Ugh.. I forget about kakashi able to meet me to the other dimension... This quantity is really annoying!!

(Scene shows many casualties during Madara Technique)

Naruto: (Thinking) Kurama are you ready yet?? we need to fasten it or else more casualties will be numbered)

Kurama: Just buy me a bit more time, Ill be there..

Killer bee: Hey Jigga Jack could you help out here out of the f**K???

Hachibi: You fool!!! im halfway there!!

(Scene shows Madara continues making attacks and explosions at the battlefield)

Madara: I guess quarter of your quantity already exterminated huh??? you 5 countries are pitiful!!

(Scene shows Naruto seeing the casualties)

Naruto: (Kurama Back me up as soon as ur finished) (Making Handseals)

Naruto: Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu..... (making a Sage Rasenshuriken)

Naruto: Orrrryahh!!!!!

(Scene shows Naruto the only one charging at the battlefield)

Shikaku: Naruto I know its hard losing the other but you will need some assistance..

Shikaku: Shikamaru, we'll need your shadow mimic, Hinata Chouji and Sakura make a diversion

Shikaku: Guy and Kakashi rally other shinobi to make a distraction...

(Scene shows the Team Play)

Might Guy: Hirodura

Kakashi: Raikiri!!

(Scene shows some explosion and Madara uses Susanoo to evade the jutsus of Kakashi and Guy)

(Scene shows Obito punches out Kakashi while entangling Guy with his mokuton jutsu)

(Scene Shows Sakura Hinata and Chouji)

Chouji: Doton!!! Rolling Boulder (Chouji turns into a big boulder and rolls out to Madara)

Sakura: Hannarooo!!! (smashes the groung and impales rocks to Madara

Hinata: Eight Triagrams!!! (Scene shows chakra needles thrown to Madara)

(Scene shows Madara has no choice but to absorb the Jutsu)

Madara: Rinnegan!!!

(Scene shows all jutsu was sucked up)

Shikamaru: Shadow Binding Jutsu!!! Succesful!!!! Naruto Now!!!!!!

Shikaku: Yeah!!! go for it!!!

Naruto: Eat This Rasen Shuuriken!!!!!

(Scene shows Madara is hit by the Fuuton Rasen Shuriken)

Madara: Impossible Ugh!!!!

Shikaku: Shinobi Army Lets keep the Pressure continue to release our jutsus!!! all out!!!

(Scene shows sudden users firing at Madara & Company)

???: Ryuusa Bakuryu (Sand Wave0

???: Raiton!! Black Lightning!!!

???: Dust Element Atomic Detachment!!!

???: Suiton Water Splash!!!

Shikaku: It seems the Kage's are here as well but wheres?? Godaime??

(Scene shows Huge Explosion)

(Scene shows Obito and Madara in hurt condition)

Madara: Ugh... So many Jutsu cant sustain the defence with Susanoo and Rinnegan.. I gues its a blind spot really

Obito; Hmmm.. the Shinobi Alliance has power up their sleeves maybe!!!

(Scene shows Naruto)

Naruto: Thanks Granpa Kage!! we did a good hit huh??? Wheres Tsunade Sama??

(Scene shows the 4 kages are silenced)

Naruto: (Changes to Sage Mode) (Feels everyone Chakra) (Eyes Glares)


(Is the 4 Kages enough for the Shino Army to create a hope with the ongoing war??)

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