Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Naruto 612 Prediction: Turn around

Madara: More souls to kill? Why Shinobi Alliance you're so kind!
Kurama: I have an Idea Naruto. Place your hand on Kakashi's back.
Naruto goes behind Kakashi and places his hand on his back.
Kurama: Kakashi. I have an idea. I've gathered a small amount of chakra. But I'll need your help to launch a counter attack.
Kakashi: Right!

Madara: You also have bad aiming Obito. This time. I'll fire them a good one.

Obito:. ....

Madara: Juubi give them your strongest blast ever!

C: I can't sense its chakra?!!
Hinata: Byakugan!
Hinata: It's a hollow shell...
But wait.. Madara Uchiha.. His chakra source is coming from his temple.

Juubi fires a blast that travels very fast.
Kurama: NOW KAKASHI!!!
Kurama and Naruto transmute their chakra into Kakashi's chakra pool.
Kakashi Kamui's the blast..
But fires it back at the Juubi.

Madara, Obito and the Juubi are sent flying...

Kurama: Kakashi. Protect Naruto. We are out of chakra.

Naruto passes out.

Random Shinobi: Shit Naruto has passed out.

Guy: We have to buy him some time.

- Scene switches to Sasuke -

Sasuke unravels the scroll in front of the Uchiha Tablet

Orochimaru: Now let us begin!

Karin: Sasuke Kun! I finally found you!

Orochimaru: kuku... Sasuke we need 3 souls for you to meet them.

Sasuke: Alright. We have 3 souls here.

Suigetsu: What the..

Juugo: I guess this is my fate.

Karin: WHAA!!!!! - I'm out of here.

Sasuke captures Karin in threads..

Sasuke: You are not going anywhere.

He transmutes his lightning chakra into the threads stunning Karin.

Orochimaru: Now use your Sharingan to have one of your puppets perform the seal of the death god. Kuku..

Sasuke chooses Suigetsu.

In exchange we'll bring back the first 3 kages....

-Scene switch to Madara: They're good. But I'm better.

Juubi: I am no one's play toy any longer.

Madara: !!

Juubi: I can read thoughts as well. Using my power to enslave the world. Two weak beings revived me incomplete. It is an insult for you two to use my power.

- Scene switches back to Sasuke

Suigetsu summons the Death God

Sarutobi emerges with a smirk

-- Next time - Apocalypse

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