Monday, 3 December 2012

Naruto 613: Sasuke vs Madara

(Lots of shinobi from the alliance are down, bleeding and hurt)
Naruto- Hang in there guys!
(Suddenly, behind the smoke, there is an Uchiha crest on a white shirt)
Naruto- Sasuke!
Sasuke- Hmph, Naruto. You're pathetic. I'll deal with Madara.
Orochimaru- Fufufu... we meet again Naruto.
Obito- Orochimaru!? I thought Itachi sealed him!
Madara- Who is that boy down there?
Obito- He's Sasuke Uchiha, and has the Eternal Mangekyo.
Madara- Let me test him. You take the Ten Tails to a different location.
(Madara jumps down to Sasuke)
Sasuke- !
Madara- You look like Izuna. That chakra too.
(Madara uses Perfect Susano'o)
(Sasuke uses Final Susano'o)
Madara- Impressive.
Sasuke- Tell me the truth about the Uchiha's past!
Madara- If you win.
(Sasuke eyes are close up, look evil)
(Sasuke's Susano'o becomes stabilized and turns into a giant demon with 6 wings, and amaterasu katanas)
Sasuke- Madara, I'll defeat you with ONE BLOW!

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