Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Naruto manga 617: The arrival of kages

As the red aura of midnight tiger hits the Madara, Madara fall of from juubi. Of course the wood attachment connected to juubi also broke.

Gai :My attack worked ( panting)

Kakkashi :Gai! are you ok?

Kakkashi jump of from Obito's place and move to Gai.

Kakkkashi :come on you need to see medical teams... Gai?

Gai : ( Still struggling for breath and blood is coming out of his body and evaporates in to air ) Kaakshi it is enough .I don't have enough chakra...I am going to die....I am going to see my Neji

Madara : ( in mind) Damn it! What was that actually ? I am sure I can absorb chakra but?

Obito : ( in mind) This is good for me.Madara's wood attachment is broke.Now I am the boss of juubi.

Kakkashi moves Gai to a safe place.So that Lee Ten ten and Naruto will have a last time with Gai.

Lee & Tenten : Gai sensei?

Gai :Lee...This is my final technique....I hope you watched carefully and that is how you use tat technique....Tenten You loved Tsunade sama ...train more and more and Naruto kun you will become a good hokage tomorrow and finally mt eternal rival kakkshi.....

Kakkshi : ( tears come out from his eyes) Gai you should not talk ...

Gai : I think this time I win ....

Kakkashi : yaa

Gai closes his eyes

Lee : Gai sensei!!!!!

Madara quickly jump from ground to juubi.

Obito : ( to Madara ) That attack was nothing much more than an aura attack. It is not chakra....Now I am the one who control the juubi and you will obey.

Madara : I am alright with that ...be careful that you don't get loose from that position ( In mind )he is becoming tough to deal with. But I have to wait for a careless movement from him At that time I will show you who is real boss.

Shikamaru :At least one is separated form juubi.Good work.

Ino : But we lost our gai sensei

Hiyasashi : War is alwayas like this ! ( activate byakugan ) what is this

Shaikamaru : What did you sense some thing?

Hiyasashi : four strong chakras coming this place and they are very close . I can't see the face very well...........they are here!

four strong figures jump to battle field and everyone looks surprised

Shikamaru : They are kages

Naruto : I thought they ......

Madara : What the hell?!! I am sure I killed them. How come they are here?! ( In mind ) the last attack from taijutsu user it's really effecting my wood element... seems like I can't use mokuthon for a short time.

Obito : Fighting against four kages and controlling juuubi is difficult

Kakkashi : If they come just early .....


Next time Kages X Juubi

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