Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Naruto 614 :To the tomb of uchiha's

Orochimaru and Sasuke moving in forest and Seeing the light from the blast made by bijudama. Juugo carries the body of Mitharashi Anko.She is barely alive.

Sasuke : What's that thing?

Orochimaru :So it started. That is Bijudama Sasuke kun

Suigethsu :Just look like from 8 tail's .....no.... bigger than that

Juugo :Are we close to them

Orochimaru :Yaa this is the place.

Sasuke :Isn't it the secret way to uchiha's temple ?How come You know this?

Orochimaru:Sasuke kun I know every secret ways and hide outs that exist in konoha....And I know more about uchiha
than You

Orchimaru, Sasuke, juugo and suigethsu walk in a long under ground tunnel.Suddenly there appears two ways.

Orochimaru :We will take the left

Suigethsu: (whispering in sasuke's ear) Sasuke can we still trust this man?we don't know if this is a trap

Sasuke : Shut up suigethsu if any thing happens I will use amatharasu.

Sasuke :Orochimaru where are we going.I thought we should go the right way.I am sure it is the way to temple

Orochimaru:No we should go to left and we will reach at the grave of THEM..........

Sasuke, Orochimaru, Jugo and Suigethsu entered in a hall and there was a lot of graves.

Orochimaru: (In mind) This is the place where I tried to get Madara's dna but.....
Sasuke : Where is his grave? You said that You know better than me

Orochimaru: Sasuke kun I never lie on my informations the last one in the fifth row is his tomb......he is killed by Madara and he is the one who created the technique we ALL WANT! We should resurrect him using edo tensai.For that we need a living person's body. We will use anko. I will do that since you don't know ritual about edo tensai

Sasuke : Agreed! but I know the seals now.You will teach me how to perform the ritual with that woman

Orochimaru: You still don't believe me aren't you sasuke kun?

Sasuke :Lets start the introduction orochimaru

Suigethsu : Ya I know sasuke is not that much fool to believe him.


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