Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Naruto 615 Prediction - Change of Faith

Naruto: Neji..

Hinata: This can't be...

Obito: Enough with this nonsense

Madara: This world is full of lies

Obito: What are you talking about...?

Madara: You fool, you ruined the whole plan, I needed to become the 10 Tails Jinchurikee..

Obito: You are pathetic.. you seem to be forgetting that I am in control..

Madara: In control...? Hmpf.. The whole time... you were the puppet in my plan... Obito...

Obito: What?

Madara: Do you remember that girl Obito... yes... she died because I wanted to

Obito: I see... MOKUTON !

Madara: Fool... *Blocks with his Chakra Fan*

Naruto: What are they doing?

Shikamaru: NOW!

*Alliance Shinobi Forces move in*

Madara: *Jumps towards Obito* Traitor.... *Kicks him to the head*

Obito: *Goes intangible before the kick hits*

Madara: Pity... however.. *Grabs Obito's wrist* *Breaks it*

Obito: Aaarrgghhhhhhh!

Shikamaru: Fuuton Users! Charge!

Juubi: Takes the form of a shell.. it seems to be going into it's final form

Shinobi Alliance: Fuuton: Kazekiri no Jutsu! ... it has no use... what is this..

Sakura: Neji... please... *Trying to Heal Neji*

/ *Madara and Obito are still fighting in the air above the Juubi*

Obito: Kamui!

Madara: Too slow...! *Throws his chakra fan in the eyesight of Obito, causing Obito to Kamui the chakra fan instead of Madara*

Obito: Shit!

Madara: (Throws the remaining part of his fan towards Obito* ..... *Obito intangibles* ...

Obito: Katon! Blast Wave Wild Dance !

Madara: *Takes the hit* .. *Flies trough the flames* There is only one part of your body that will never go fully intangible.. and that is your Sharingan.. so allow me....

Madara: Rushes to Obito, Grabs and pulls out Obito's Sharingan from his orbit*


Madara: *Kicks Obito with great force to the ground... Obito flies on insane speed towards the grounds...*

Obito: Crashes into the ground..

Kakashi: Obito!

Naruto: Raawwggrh! Madara! Fuuton! Rasenshuriken !

Madara: You little pest... you will not stand in the ways of my plan... allow me to demonstrate.. SHINRA TENSEI !

Naruto: *Eyes widen open* What...? AAArgghhhh!

Obito: Madara.... *Starts forming handseals with a broken wrist*

Madara: *Lands back on the Juubi, which is still the form of a huge shell* Obito... aren't you done for yet..

Obito: Madara... I will show you true ''Hell''

Madara: You can't do anything in the state you are in now... fool..

Obito: Mo...ku...ton... Advent.. of a world of Flowing Trees...

Madara: Impossible!

Juubi: ??????...

Obito: I will end this..

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