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Naruto 613 Another Prediction

Starts off with Madara and Obito trying to stop the combined powers of the Alliance

Madara: hmmm with this many people my sharingan wont be enough

Madara switches to his Rinnegan


all the Alliance jutsus are absorbed, Scene switches to Bee

Bee: Cee come here Motha ****a, you Inoichi listen too and pass on this plan to people of the Lightning

Cee: yes Bee-sama

Bee wispers in his ears while Inoichi listens trough mind jutsu

Bee: see motha ****a take one out the otha and nothin

Inoichi: Bee thats an amazing plan, if they cant see the attack nothing can stop it from hitting them

Bee: Cee start the plan

Cee: yes Bee-sama

Cee makes hand signs

Cee: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar

Cee blinds Madara, Obito, and the Juubi

Madara: hmmm going after the Juubi again with this, have they learned it wont work

Bee: Lariot!!!!!

Bee lands a hit on Obito, Obito's chest cavity rips open and he goes flying. Madara eyes widen

Bee: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madara: hmmm so they were after Obito (if I dont end this, it may get bad, but I need that Obito kid to revive me)

Madara jumps down to where Obito landed

Madara: Naraka Path

Obito starts to glow green and is healed

cut shinobi fodder and Naruto

Shinobi fodder: how.?.?.? did.?.?.?

Naruto: one of the Rinnegans powers, restoration

Flashback to when Pain healed one of the Pains

back to Madara and Obito

Obito: thanks Madara

Madara: that child knows a lot of the Rinnegans powers, did he come in contact with it

Obito: hes the one the killed Nagato

Madara: hmmm so this kid knows my powers... if hes still alive I doubt hes seen this one

Madara makes seals

Madara: Human path Dragon inhalation

a dragon goes around the alliance killing every shinobi it touches

Back to Naruto

Naruto: shit this is getting bad, I have to do something about it

Naruto runs towards Madara

Bee: dont run in alone Naruto, or your gonna be done fool ya fool

Naruto looks back and smiles but he keeps running

Bee: Dauri use your Double Black Panther to keep the Dragon away from Naruto

Dauri: yes Bee-sama

cut to Sakura healing Kakashi

Kakashi: hurry up Sakura, I have to back up Naruto

Sakura: sensie your not in the condition to continue to fight


Sakura looks down

Sakura: Sensie...

change to Naruto

Naruto: (all I have to do is hit Madara and this jutsu should stop)

Naruto runs closer to Madara, Madara glares at him

Madara: Obito take care of Naruto

Obito: right

Obito runs toward Naruto and Naruto forms a Rasen Shuriken and throws it

Obito: shit

As the shuriken heads towards Obito, he slips through it

Naruto: (just as I wanted with it headed towards Madara he cant stop it and control the dragon)

The jutsu comes up on Madara, he throws his hands up

Madara: Pretra Path

Its absorbed but the dragon vanishes

Naruto: yeahhhhh!!!!

Obito: dont celebrate just yet

Obito runs towards Naruto as he gets close enough to attack Kakashi jumps in between them

Naruto: Kakashi sensie!!!!

Madara looks over at them

Madara: (i guess Ill let them fight that out for awhile)

Madara makes signs

Madara: Asura Path

Madara's hand turns into a RPG

Madara: total Inhalation

Madaras hand then shoots out Missile one after another headed towards the alliance

Bee jumps in the air and uses his tails to revert all that he can back at the Juubi but some still hits the alliance

Madara: this is getting fun, but its like a game play it to much and you get board

Madara makes seals


everyone pauses as the coffin comes up

Madara: Ive had this one prepared since the Second Hokage invented it, thanks to my sharingan, his justu was easily copied

The coffins lid explodes to a billion pieces

Kurama&Gyuki: Rikudo Sennin

Next time: Rikudo Sennin joins the fray

Scene starts with a look at the Sage

Madara: activate

the Sages eyes turn to life

Naruto: the sage of 6 paths

Kakashi: how.... is this possible?

Madara: when you achieve the Rinnegan you can summon the Gedo Mazo currently the 10 tails, and upon it laid the Sage's body, he hoped to protect the world even in death by guarding the Mazo all this time... but hes really going to bring the end

Naruto: ughhh Kurama is your Chakra back yet?

Kurama: yea

Naruto flashes into KM

Obito: the sage... hmmm seems Madara knew just about everything (whats he doing with the Sage)

Madara: Obito, I would get out of the way if I were you I'm going to combine his attack with the Juubi's making it at full power.

Obito slides in the ground and pops up where Madara is

Madara throws a two finger hand sign and the Sage starts to move

Madara: be prepared for annihilation. Juubi use a Complete Biju Bomb, Sage use almighty push to bring the shinobi army closer and hold them there

The Juubi starts to form the Bomb and the Sage jumps near the Juubi starts to emanate his chakra

Rikidou: this... jutsu

Cut to Madara

Madara: WHAT!!! (how is he talking)

Obito: whats wrong Madara

Cut to Rikidou

Rikidou: this jutsu

The Rikidou makes a 2 finger sign

Rikidou: is nothing

Cut to Naruto and Bee

Kurama: Rikidou broke the Edo Tensi control Madara had

Rikidou: the Juubi is revived, so am I... this means

The Sage looks around seeing the devastation from the battle

Rikidou: by the looks of it hes been here for a while

Cut to Madara and Obito

Madara: how did he break the control

Obito: Madara how could you not control the Sage

Madara: he broke the seal right away... how (shit seeing as he sees the Juubi as a threat, which means were going to be fighting him

cut to Naruto and Bee

Kurama: Rikidou over here its me Kurama

Gyuki: I'm here too

The Rikidou runs to where the are

Kurama: uhhh dont you think we should stop the Biju Bomb

The Rikidou throws his hand towards

Rikidou: universal control

The sage threw it way into the atmosphere

Naruto: wow your on another level than Madara

Rikidou: how are you two still sealed separate from the Juubi

Naruto: they got portions of their power from over time

Rikidou: hmmm this is bad... even without it being full it can still turn full

Naruto&Bee: WHAT!!!!!!

Cut to Madara

Madara: hmmm good thing we still have the Juubi, and hes about to change

Obito: hmm lets hope you can control this one

Madara walks over to Obito and places a hand on his solider

Madara: say another word and I'll kill you, right now your just getting in the way of my world domination

Obito: world domination.... I thought you wanted the Eye Plan

Madara: I do... but the thing is humans cant survive without not eating, they will all die including you

Obito: you lied to get me to exterminate the world...

Madara: whats it matter you soon will die like the rest of them

Obito: you know Madara, the Sage is said to take down the Juubi by himself, and your not much of a match on your own... hope you like where your going

Obito teleports to where Kakashi is

Kakashi: decide to change your mind

Obito: all Madara ever said is lies, the plan, being able to be with Rin again... all of it lies

Kakashi places a hand on Obito's sholder

Kakashi: welcome back to the light Obito

Cut to Rikidou and Naruto and Bee

Rikidou: the only way to take the Juubi out is with a sealing tech.

Naruto: same with that Madara guy

Rikidou: we need to seal the monster away inside an alive shinobi

Naruto: (Kurama what do you think
Kurama: Naruto noone has held 2 tailed beasts at one time
Naruto: its hasent been done before, well I'm trying it)

Naruto: Ill do it grandpa Sage

Rikidou: first you will need this to be able to hold the beast in,

The sage walks over to Naruto and he touches Naruto's head

Rikidou: use this to seal that Juubi inside you, after this I'll be gone forever this time, I leave this world to you

Naruto's eyes are closed while the sage has his fingers on Narutos head, when the sage moves his hands Naruto opens his eyes and reveals a Rinnegan

Naruto: yes Rikidou Sannin, I will save us all

Rikidou: I know you will, this is the end of the dark times the world has seen, you will surpass me and bring about a brighter future... bye

Naruto: an ill do it without fail

as Naruto talked the sage vanished returning to the afterlife

Cut to Kakashi and Obito

Obito: Looks like the Sage even believes in Naruto, thats gotta say something huh

Kakashi: we still have to fight the Juubi and Madara, the fight is just starting

Naruto appears between them

Naruto shouts: Kakashi, Bee, Guy, Obito were going to end Madara

Naruto has a determined look on his face

Naruto: Be-live it!!!

Next time: The sealing of a life time!!!!

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