Thursday, 27 December 2012

Naruto 616 prediction

Naruto: let's go hinata

hinata: yes naruto kun!

The two go chargeing at obito holding hands still.

obito: *remebers rin* then allow me to show you despair in its fullest!

naruto: bring it on!

ten tails begins releaseing multiple wood spikes at anruto and hinata using sky plam hinata deflects most of them naruto then reaching his hand out creates a kyuubi arm grabbing the spikes he throws them back at obito madara uses shirna tensei knocking them away from the duo naruto then is seen with a rasenshuriken in hand throwing it hinata speeds it up with sky palm

madara: fast i'll have to absorb it.

madara absorbs the rasenshuriken but the force of the sky palm knocks him back slightly but he remains on his feet

madara: i see they intend to sue ninjutsu and taiutsu related moves in a combination i can't absorb taijutsu just like that tiger jutsu that guy used earlier.


all ten tails come at naruto and hinata naruto creates nine tails and garbs onto them hinata blasts the tenth one away naruto throws her and himself up onto the tails and begin running at madara and obito from the tails the kyuubi head appears around the two as naruto forms a tailed beast ball releaseing along with hinata using sky palm it flies at them obito absorbs it with kamui and repels the skypalm with rinnegan at the same time. the hachibi then appears above the tentails releasing yet another tailed beast ball madara repels it right back at the eight tails and has the tentails release another ball at the allince. hinatas father stops it with a large scale rotation.

hinata father: don't underestimate the hyuuga! naruto finish madara leave teh battle field to us! the hyuuga have teh best defense!

naruto: right!

naruto rushs up to madara rasengan in hand hinata right next to him still holding hands naruto tries to ram a rasengan into madara but madara absorbs it hinata behind madara uses jyuuken blocking two chakra points.

madara: (they aim to take out my chakra points so the flow of chakra ends that won't heal easy even for an edo tensei body ) shirna tensei!

naruto creates his tails once more protecting the two as they are knocked back naruto creates a kyuubi arm grabing onto the ten tails tail and swings his way onto the ground, the tentails release a large roar it appears to be changeing shape.

madara: we can't allow them to get close twice another hit would be the end i see they had one more plan left the hyuugas jutsu is storng after all.

obito: then we'll just need to use the juubis final form they won't even be able to blink

next time the juubis final form

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