Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Naruto 612 Predictions

Naruto: Give up now scarface. It's over.
Madara: Don't just stand there like a child, let's clear this battlefield!
Obito: Madara, it's pointless to fight them. All I want is the Infinite Tsukuyomi to be performed.
Madara: Obito, I don't have any interest in creating a dream world.
Obito: !
Madara: Infinite Tsukuyomi cannot be performed under these circumstances, and I don't give a crap about it anymore.
Obito: No, you-
Madara: Yes, I just want to kill people and make them bow before me with the Juubi at my side. I tricked you into getting all the tailed beasts for me. Problem Obito? U Mad? You cannot do anything to me so just give up.
Kakashi: What are those two bickering about?
Obito lowers his head
Madara: Now let us get on with the plan. I am your master.
Obito: No, you son of a bitch.
Madara: What?
Obito: No matter what I do, I will get my revenge on you.
Obito teleports by Naruto's side
Obito: Why do you look so surprised. We are not friends. This is solely for revenge on that treacherous snake known as Madara. I am nevertheless sorry for what I have done. You are not like me. You at least have friends you can rely on.
Naruto: No, you do.
Obito: !
Naruto: This whole alliance is your friend. We're glad to have you! Let us finish this!
Madara: Obito, I would have never expected this...you know what I'll kill you too along with the others with the power of the Juubi.
Juubi fires a TBB of an enormous magnitude.
Madara: Die.

Next Chapter: Sasuke and Orochimaru

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