Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Naruto 615 : Return as one

Neji : Naruto ......thank you for...... everything
Naruto : .............
Naruto feels helpless
Hinata : No Neji.......
Kurama : Naruto keep calm we are at war you couldn't have protected everyone.
Naruto : If i just was stronger than i could have stopped this.
Kurama : No single person could have stopped this you did you're best and everyone
knows this.
The juubi is killiing shinobi on the background
Naruto :Kurama we won't let another comrade die.
Kurama :the chakra of the other bijuu is resonating with my chakra!!!
Naruto : What?? happening! ahhhhhhhhh
Sakura : Why is Naruto just standing there?
The Hyuuga clan shinobi are blocking all attacks toward Naruto
Shikamaru: Naruto what is it!!!
Shino : he must be traumatized
Madara : hmph what a joke this kids luck is running out
Obito : That is not for you to decide
Obito : why isn't he doing anything?
Naruto : Kurama where are you ? KURAMA!!!
?????? : Thank you
Naruto : Kurama ?
?????? : You helped us change we were finally able to return as one
and walk a different path as Rikudo Senin has intended.
Naruto : Kurama you have ten tails? return as one?? i ..... i don't
?????? : Use our Chakra the knowledge will come with it
Naruto : Kurama?
Obito : Juubi destroy him
Naruto 616 : The complete Bijuu mode Unleashed

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