Thursday, 27 December 2012

Naruto 616: Do You Promise?

Naruto: You see Obito I am nothing like you. I will beat you and bring true peace to this world.

Obito: Naruto you still choose to be a naive child. With the juubi I will bring true peace to this world.

Madara: You mean we Obito.

Obito: Huh? Oh yeah, we will bring peace to this world.

Madara: You're still going to stick to the plan aren't you? You know you give your life so I can live.

Obito: Don't worry I haven't forgot. I totally plan on going according to plan.

Madara: You promise?

Obito: What?

Madara: Do you promise?

Obito: (sigh). I promise. Alright?

Madara: Pinky Promise

Obito: What are we five?

Madara: I'm only saying this because Hashirama promised me I could be the leader of Konoha and look at where we are now.

Obito: Okay

(Obito thinking to himself): Like I'm ever going to do that.

Hinata: What do you think they're doing.

Naruto: I don't know but I wouldn't mind doing that with Sasuke.

Hinata: What!?

Naruto: Nothing

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