Saturday, 15 December 2012

Naruto 614 Prediction

Madara: Hell yeah!!!!

*turns to obito*

Madara: up top and finish with a bro fist

*Obito high fives madara then finishes with a bro fist*

Obito: Now only some of you can understand true despair

Madara: actually the true despair is still to come

*says with rapeface*

Juubi: gahblahmugucacackugagacacacailikefillers

*the juubi begins to t-bag the ground causing massive shock-waves*

*shinobi alliance starts getting blown in all directions*

Random fodder: what should we do?

Other Random fodder: i know we should make some more concrete

Madara: you can't be ****ing serious......

Obito: so this is what happens when the shinobi alliance's brain is destroyed....their stupidity knows no bounds

*ten ten blitzes obito*

Ten Ten: Kuni attack

*Looks at ten ten and she ignites into flames*

Obito: Yup i was right.

Madara: Did someone order charbroiled?

*Evil smirk*

Sakura: Kakashi sensei!!! They cooked ten ten!! and the juubi is t-bagging the ground!!! What should we do?

Kakashi: Calm down sakura it's only Ten Ten as for the juubi....don't look at me why don't you do something for once other then cry

*sakura begins to cry*

*naruto looks around and sees people bickering and panicking*

Naruto: STOP!!!

*starts to tear up*

Madara: Oh look the little bitch isn't getting his way and he's crying

Obito: well this is naruto we are talking about.....INB4 Dramatic Speech.

Naruto: we are an alliance guys. we are comrades and we have a world to protect. Is this how you want it to end Running around bickering like cowards.

*obito interrupts*

Obito: Called it

Naruto: What do you say guys lets show them that this world is here to stay

*retarded grin followed by an explosion in the distance and i beam of light*

Kakashi: its......

Naruto: its......

Shikamaru: its.......

Sosuke Aizen: It's.........Wrong manga.....and thank god

Madara: you have got to be ****ing kidding me

*focuses in and its the fodders that were thought to have been killed levitating in a beam of light*

Obito: Really kishimoto? Really? well i guess this is still better then a chapter of shinobi making concrete. Bazinga!

* still levitating and in the light*

Shikakau: You did it naruto. your words have defied all logic and not only resurrected us but have united us with the power of friendship.

*madara cups hands together and shouts*

Madara: Gay

Naruto: alright we are back in business lets get this started

*looking confidant*

Madara: why so confidant? weren't you crying just a minute ago i swear you have more mood changes then a girl on her rag.

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