Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Naruto 616: Our Promise

~Scene shows a water dragon headed straight for Susanoo's head~

Madara: This is becoming increasingly annoying.

-A appears to be in the dragons headed he is activates his lightning armor and tears through susanoo's mouth hole then hits Madara point blank in the chest causing him to fly out the susanoo hurtling towards the ground-

-A then lands on a levitating pile of sand-

Onoki: Thats how you do it kids now you -onoki points to choji- whats the situation.

Chouji: We've used the Jubi's strength against it, the Jubi hit itself on the head thanks to Kiba's quick thinking..

-Onoki turns to Kiba-

Onoki:*These 2 kids managed to single handedly outsmart the worlds strongest tailed beast.. Heh* In order to contain the situation we may have to face the possibility of someone becoming a host for the Juubi.

~Scene changes to Kakashi, Naruto & Obito in the dimension~

-Kakashi charges at Obito with a raikiri-

-Obito lets the attack go through him -

-He suddenly coughs up blood-

-Shikamaru is shown on the other side putting an explosive kunai knife into Obito's stomach-

-Shikamaru then jumps back-

Shikamaru: I'll leave the rest to Kakashi.

Kakashi: Whats the matter Obito?

Obito: Kakashi!!!!!

-Obito pulls out the kunai slightly but it still explodes causing him to become injured badly-

Kakashi: Now do you see why this path is wrong Obito.. You could have been a hero yet you chose a path of selfish desire..

Obito: My path meant that everyone would be happy.. Its not selfish.

-Obito walks towards kakashi with his stomach dripping blood-

Kakashi: Deciding another persons happiness is selfish Obito.. Mankind should be allowed to choose & obtain their happiness through their own means.. war & senseless killing benefit no one.. You claim to want to create a perfect world yet even in that world you will find error...


Obito: You're ri...ght.

Kakashi: Its not to late for redemption Obito.. Help us subdue the Juubi and we can rebuild the shinobi world together..

-Obito is right next to Kakashi, Kakashi props him up then a sharp wooden branch appears tobi's shoulder aimed at kakashi's head-

Naruto: You piece of sh-

-Naruto kicks kakashi in the neck to seperate him from the blast and sends the oodama rasengan at tobi's back-

-the rasengan sends tobi flying into one of the dimensions pillars he then falls to the floor unconscious-

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei!? Are you ok?

Kakashi: Naruto... When did y-?

Naruto: I knew Obito would try this if you were alone.. Considering him and Tobi are the same person they both possessive the ability to manipulate people.. Just like he's done with Sasuke.

Kakashi: I don't want him to die..

Naruto: I understand how you feel Kakashi-Sensi but as long as he lives he will make it his mission to jeopardise the exist of shinobi.. there's no prison that can hold him..

Kakashi:!!! Naruto I'm about to do something a bit unorthodox

-Kakashi walks up to Obito's unconscious body-

Kakashi: Naruto could you come hold him down for me?

Naruto:..Eh.. sure.

-Kakashi opens up Obito's sharingan eye and plucks it out..-

Kakashi: Should we take the rinnegan too?

Naruto: I don't think he'd be able to use Kamui with it sensei..

Kakashi: True.. -Kakashi puts Obito's eye in a container- Lets go back..

Naruto: After this is all done I think we should come back and see him.

Kakashi: Yeah, I do too. -Kakashi then activates the MS and they disappear in a whirl back to the battlefield-

-Naruto see's the kage apart from Tsunade, he then turns to see Sakura with Katsuyu-

Naruto: Sakura whats happened?!

-Tears are streaming down Sakura's face as she heals Tsunade's body with the aid of Katsuyu-

Sakura: Tsunade-Sama risked her life to bring the kage back from the verge of death.. in doing so she left her own injuries and is - -sakura wimpers-

Tsunade: Kat...suyu

Naruto, Sakura, Katsuyu:!!!

Tsunade:.. Give.....Sa...kura... A... slug....contra.....

-Tsunade then passes-

Sakura: A slug contract? Oh like what Naruto has with toads?

Naruto: Yeah....

Katsuyu: Sakura.. are you ready?

Sakura:"She must have intended to teach me this before the war" Yes.

Naruto:.. Make it quick guys I got a feeling the Juubi is gonna wake up soon.

-A seal appears infront of Sakura similar to the one Naruto signed but with slight differences-

-Sakura writes her name then does the rest of the contract.. after she has done Katsuyu sends it back-

Katsuyu: With this I can assist you..

~Scene changes to Madara who's head is being reanimated onto his body~

Madara:"Where is Obito..Don't tell me they actually killed him"

-The Juubi's eye slowly widens and it lets out a huge roar that causes shockwaves-

Madara: Even with the Obito out of the equation I'm still a huge obstacle for you..

Naruto: True but we're a team and you don't belong in this time..

Madara: Foolish child..

-Madara jumps onto the juubi's back but the juubi smacks him off sending him flying into a pile of rocks-


--End of 616--

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