Saturday, 8 December 2012

Naruto 613 Prediction: Struggle

Naruto Sage mode in the sky with shinobi.
Naruto : Listen guys i probably have the strongest attack if you guys can
can distract Madara just i few seconds i can have him.
the others wil have to take care of the other one.
Shinobi : yes we will try
Madara : distract me.......... this kid is amusing.
Obito : don't underestimate him.
Madara glares obito.
Konoha : Fire style : flame bombs
Hidden mist : Water style : water dragon jutsu!!
Madara : predictable........ Rinnegan!!! Madara absorbs the attack
Now comes the shuriken.
Madara : What's the point of such a jutsu the Rinnegan can absorb it!!
you really are incompetent.
pooof!!! the Rasenshuriken was a transformation by Naruto.
Naruto Sage mode : Frog Kumite!!!!
Madara : you think you're fist will work..( wait those eyes a sage !!!!)Susanoo!!
Naruto broke have of the bones of the ribage state susanoo.
Madara : a Uzumaki child like you a Sage not bad ( not impossible the Uzumaki have
large chakra supply)
Madara : you dance well but all good things come to an end...
Madara's Susanoo gained 4 arms with 4 blades.
Obito : these shinobi are don't realize that what they are doing is pointless
Kakashi thinking : ( he probably can't use susanoo in combination with
a Rinnegan jutsu's the third path that absorbs chakra would probably do
the same with his susanoo since it functions as a body enveloping the user
Shinra tensei the same) this means that.
Shikamaru : He must be attacked while in susanoo
Kakashi :!!!
Shikaku : i am putting a plan in case kakashi
Kakashi : smart as ever i see shikaku but Madara beat
the five kage by himself this would be the only thing that
would work.
Shikaku: Everyone keep watch on Madara and try make an opening Naruto
at this moment when Naruto forces Madara to use susanoo
all shinobi attack with you re strongest jutsu. and sealing team stand ready.

Next Naruto 614 : True dispair

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