Monday, 10 December 2012


Obito : The Juubi....has just about reached 'Maturity'
(The tails of the Juubi starts unveiling itself)
Naruto : Take this!!! Rasen-Shuriken!!!
(Naruto throws it towards Madara and Obito)
(After few seconds later...)
Shinobis : Fire Style : Fireball Jutsu!!
(The Fireball Jutsu covers the R-S and its size increases)
(Obito and Madara stands unsurprisingly)
Naruto : Huh?!!! (widens his eyes as he senses the chakra)
(The fire covered R-S is thrown back at the attacking group with Juubi's tail swing)
Shinobis : ?!!
(Some of the shinobis including Gai, Lee, Kakashi dodges the attack and jumps back on the surface while the unaware.......)
(As the returned attack hits the group, Naruto's clone bursts out in smoke and the R-S expands killing several shinobis)
(Everyone watches the huge fire covered R-S expanding into a huge sphere and hearing the painful screams of the dying shinobis)
Attacked Shinobis : Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhh!!!!
(Blood spills everywhere around the location)
Everyone : ?!!!
(As the R-S vanishes off, the dead and the injured falls in the huge pit created while some falls on the surface)
(Naruto standing at the edge falls on his knees)
(His Sage mode goes off)
(His body shivers watching the dead because of his R-S)
Madara : (moves away one of the dead falling at his feet with his leg) (looking at Naruto) You reduced our efforts to clean the field.
Naruto : ?!!
(The tails of the Juubi staarts destroying the walls of the pit because of less space)
(Cracks starts forming in the concrete at the vicinity of the Juubi's hands)
Juubi : (growls louder) (a terrifying wave of sound spreads over the area) (cracks occurs at the edges of the pit as the wave advances)
(Juubi instantly removes his hands from the concrete ground and tries to move out of the concrete while smashing the dead beneath his hands)
Obito : Is it ok to loose his ropes too much?
Madara : Don't worry about it. Just enjoy it!!
Obito : ?!!
(The Juubi punches his fist in the wall and attempts climbing to get out of the pit)
Shinobis : The Juubi is trying to get out!!!
(Shinobis approaches the pit to attack again)
(Huge blow of wind flows out from the pit and the Juubi leaps high in the air throwing away the approaching shinobis)
Kakashi : (takes Naruto away from the pit) Naruto!! Hey Naruto!!
(Juubi jumps back away from the ASF)
(The tails of the Juubi blooms with several spikes coming out of each bloomed part)
(The Juubi is shown sitting like the image shown below)

Naruto : [Nagato....] (flashback)
[Nagato : ....War brings death...and wounds and pain to both sides....There's nothing harder than to accept the deaths of those you you believe....they could never die...Especially...those who haven't known Generation....You try to find meaning in death....but...there's only pain.... and hatred...that you don't know what to do with....Dying like trash...neverending hatred.....pain that never heals.....that war...Naruto..this is must face.]
Naruto : (after getting out of the shock) Hmm. (looks at Kakashi) I'm alright now, Kakashi Sensei. [Nagato....the war] (looks at the dead lying around and then at the Juubi) [...the Pain..] (looks at Obito) (takes the support of Kakashi) [....the Hatred.....] (looks at Madara) [....Thank You Nagato.] (..stands up with a determination) This war....The Hope will never be lost. We will win this!!!
Kakashi : Hmm?!! There is no need for you to blame yourself. Everyone believes in you(looks at Naruto and then at ASF)
(Some medical ninjas already started healing the injured)
Madara : (watching at the ASF) Time to clear the field. I wish Hashirama could see, the destruction of the Five Great Nations, among which he tried to maintain peace.
Everyone : ?!!
Obito : In one blow!!
(Juubi prepares for the next bijuudama)
(As the chakra density increases his mouth lowers close to the ground)
Obito : This time there won't be any mistake!! The World ends here!!
(The bijuudama is complete and is about to be released)
???? : Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms!!!
(Madara and Obito are shown in a huge green circle)
Madara/Obito : Hmm?
Naruto : Neji?!! When did he get there?
Everyone : ?!!
{HQ}Shikaku : Neji was ordered to search for the hideout from the information we got from the scroll sent by Mitarashi Anko's squad. Because according to my calculation, this must be the hideout where Gedo Mazo was secured. And those white Zetsus were made from Yamato's chakra DNA as well as some chakra portion from the Mazo. Anko is also missing. The information also said about the 100000 zetsus lying underground at the hideout. We contacted for one of the Hyuuga clan to search for Yamato at the hideout.
(flashback of Neji searching for Yamato along with some reinforcements)
Naruto : Woahh!!
(Neji shoots out chakra through his Gentle Fist and damages Madara and Obito before they could react)
Yamato : Wood Style : Giant Binding Forest!!
Madara/Obito : ?!!
Obito : [We must release the Bijuudama] ?!!
(Neji strikes out the cords that connected Madara and Obito with the Juubi)
(The Giant Forest binds the Juubi and its tails and the Bijuudama goes off)
(Neji at his final blow gives an Air Palm attack but is absorbed by the Rinnegan)
Madara : Play time's over!!
Neji : (taking hard breath) ?!!
Rock Lee/ Gai : Leaf Hurricane!!!
(Leaf Hurricane throws Obito and Madara away from Juubi on the ground)
(Juubi is shown not much trying to get out from the binding)
(Lee and Gai stands on the Juubi in their weird pose)
(Naruto, in KCM, walks into the field and stands showing back to the Juubi and facing Obito and Madara.)
[Naruto : So you're ready for the action?
Kurama : Heh!!]
Yamato : Too much happened with you Naruto.
(Naruto smirks)
(K11 stands behind Naruto along with Kakashi, Gai and Yamato on one side and the whole ASF on the other side of Madara and Obito)

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