Saturday, 8 December 2012

Naruto 615 Prediction: Help from old an friend Obito

Naruto has a determined look on his face

Naruto: we are going to seal you Madara

Madara: hahahaha dare try

Naruto starts to run at Madara

Naruto: Kakashi, Obito, Guy, Bee back me up, we have to sepearate them in order for me to seal the Juubi

Kakashi and co: You can count on us!!

Kakashi: Earth style, earth sock jutsu

Obito: Fire style, phoenix fire jutsu

Guy: 7th gate release, Hiroudora

Bee: Black Lightning, black ox

The jutsus race towards Madara

Madara: hmm all these jutsus

Madara's eyes switch to his EMS and his Susanoo is formed

Kakashi: (just like that time with Sasuke)

Obito: watch out, Madara is said to be very skilled in using this

Naruto: all we have to do is smash it

Naruto turns into his tailed beast mode and makes a sign

Naruto: shadow clone jutsu

Naruto summons 5 clones all in the tailed mode

Kakashi: Naruto is on a whole another level since he awakened the Rinnegan

Naruto throws a Rasen shuriken at Madara

Madara jumps and avoids it, Madara makes signs in the air

Madara: fire style, Amatarasu infused grandfireball barrage

Madara shoots the fire at the Naruto clones and the shinobi alliance

Kakashi: Huyga clan use rotation to redirect the Amatarasu

Huyga Clan: yes!!

the flames are reverted but some of the army gets hit, and the clones are destroyed

Obito: Kakashi Naruto I have a plan

Kakashi: do you think it will work

Naruto: its worth trying

Obito: follow my lead

Obito starts to run towards Madara, Kakashi and Naruto following behind him

Madara: a 3 man attack plan can't and wont work

Obito: use our ability

Kakashi: yea

Naruto: we need to separate him from the Juubi

Obito: thats whats this plan is for

Kakashi: give me the signal

They are running


Army: YES

the Alliance fires everything they have trying to create a diversion for Naruto and Co

Madara: Pretra Path

The jutsus are being absorbed, and Naruto creates more clones for a diversion

Madara: nothing you do will work give up and become my slaves!!!!!!!!!

Obito appears behind Madara and grabs him

Obito: BEGONE, Kakashi Kamui him

Kakashi: yes

Kakashi Kamui's Madara and Obito both to the other dimension

Obtio: Ill hold him off in here, take care of the Juubi

Kakashi: Obito, this time I wont fail

Naruto: you can count on that!!!

Cut to Obito and Madara

Madara: hahaha how do you plan on stopping me, keeping me in here, I'll just bust down the walls

Obito: Madara all you are is hatred, wanting this world for destruction, instead of peace, it will no longer stand, Madara this is your end!!!

Cut to Naruto and Co

Naruto: Kakashi any plans on how to stop the Juubi

Kakashi: no, the only thing we can do is try, and hope to win

Naruto: the sage gave me the Rinnegan for a reason, I'm the one that needs to stop this, Kakashi Bee everyone fall back, long rangers stay in close calls just incase I see an opening to seal the Juubi

the ground starts to shake

Naruto: somethings happening to the Juubi, its transforming

Kakashi: Obito said it was becoming complete (things are getting worse)

cut to Obito and Madara

Madara: yea how can you kill me, I'm immortal

Obito: your not immortal your a zombie!!!

Madara: a zombie that prays on shinobi

Madara makes signs

Madara: fire style grand fireball

the fire ball is launched at Obito, he phases and starts to run towards Madara, and he makes signs

Obito: wood style protective grip

Wood sprouts from Obito's hand chasing Madara, everytime it gets close Madara uses a fireball to destroy it

Obito: you cant run forever Madara

Madara: fine then take this, SHINRA TENSI

the shockwave destroys all the wood, Obito goes intangible and starts to walk over to Madara

Obito: Madara say goodbye to this world your never coming back,

Madara stops the shinra tensi, Obito makes some seals and slides in the ground

Madara: you cant hide either Obito, stop being scared and lets end this

Obito slides up behind Madara and grabs him

Obito: I was never hiding, like I said Madara say goodbye to this world, REAPER DEATH SEAL!!!

Madaras eyes widen

Madara: an Uzumaki sealing jutsu, how????

Obito: during an attempt to destroy the leaf, I unleashed the 9-tails upon it, only to get it resealed by the 4th Hokage my teacher Minato, we engaged in a battle, I was defeated but afterwards I acted like I retreated but I watched, and the way he stoped the 9-tails was with this jutsu

Madara: you copied it with your sharingan

Obito: say hello to Hashirama!!!! SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

The reaper seals Madara and Obito falls to the ground still alive for right now

Obito: I need to see Kakashi, and tell him its over

Obito Kamuis himself out

Cut back to Naruto and Co as Obito fades in

Obito: Kakashi...

Kakashi: Obito, are you ok

Obito: no I'm going to die, I used the Reaper Death Seal to seal Madara

Kakashi: Obito why?

Obito: Its the only way to account for what I done, at least this way I can still die a hero

Kakashi: Obito, I'm sorry I couldent keep my promise to Rin

Obito: Its ok Kakashi, you tried, its time now Kakashi, bye

Obito dies, Kakashi starts to cry

Naruto: Kakashi sensie, we have to stop this Juubi now Its completly changed now

Kakashi: yea

Next time: The final fight begins

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