Saturday, 15 December 2012

Naruto 614 Prediction: Lost

Kakashi: im sorry Shikamaru, and ino but i will make ur dad last plan a reality even if it cost me my life(our time is over any way is time for the new generation to take over)
Shikamaru and Ino: Crying and mad
Shikamaru: i think i understand a how u felt sasuke and why naruto is doing what he is doing u two had nothing to begin with no love no family especially u naruto
Naruto: im sory Shikamaru, and ino,hi Kurama long long is it going to take i dont think that we well hold off much longer
Kurama: im only half of what i was if i was full it would be easy
Naruto:shit im almost out off charka and i dont have time to garther nature energy
Kakashi: everyone we have to separate them and then we have a chance to win this war and(this time i well kill u obito im sorry)
Kakashi: wait for my singal, attack and dont hold back no matter what happen understand
Bee: man he is fous i guess no time for my rap
8 tail: bee shut up no time to rap it time to saty fous
Madara:seems to me we were late they have one more card to play it might be fun
Obito:we should have started they moon eye plan long time ago
Madara: shut up the jubi is still powering up this was nothing
Obito: what do u mean
Madara: the jubi is garthering nature energy and when its done i will kill half of their army and see what the other half will do it will be fun if u wana help garther up nature energy or shut up by they way where is black/white zestu is
Obito:the white zestu r dead but the black one is fighting now why do u want to know
Madara: u idit i should kill u for that do u know i almost died trying to obtain that power and created zestu call the black one back
Obito: fine
Ninja army: everyone attack with their strong justu and is about hit the jubi
Jubi: block it with it tail
Madara: i guess i should get on with my plan aswell lets see whos is batter
Madara and Obito: shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Madara: i see so this is the real plan
Madara: Shock!!!!! So they r trying to separate me and obtio(i dont care what happen at this point but ill use him until im revied and black zestu come u better be ok for a while until u r no use to me)
Madara:Obito kill ur friend and take ur eye back im getting bored of this little game of ur use that justu
Obito: fine
in obtio dem...... Kakashi and obito look fous and ready but behind obito come white zestu that was on kabuto
Kakashi naruto and ten ten: shock!!!( i know why ten ten cause she could attock from the scroll for more then 10 min i think)
Kakashidamn i thought that we kill all of the zestus) what going on here they r all dead
Obito:this one is better one of them all not the orgnal one but better before the war i told this zestu here to spy on kabuto and steal his charka and every thing that kabuto well do and do u think that, that rock ninja could hide from me(dont know why rock ninja but it come to me the fastest)
rock ninja: shit he found me any way i should tell caption what i found.caption their is a dead body that way it has the same eyes as him and madara and he looks old and has white hair
kakashi: That must be pain so he is using his eye as his own
naruto: damn thats nagato even in dead he still uses ur power. im sorry for what u have gone through and still going through
Obito: dawn they found hime and the smile this well go better for me
naruto: kakashi sensi i well go after nagato u take care of this guy and he run off
obito: go u fool he already in a different place now
Zestu: should we kill them now
obito: yes and i know how to do it to bring me that rock trash
Zestu: ok
Obito: does a edo tense sign and bring kakashi dad I WANT U TO MEAT MY HERO THE WHITE FANG
Kakashi and his dad: they both say "Im Sorry" to each other
Obito: this well be fun and the white zestu get on tobi and he get new armor, clothes, and a new weapon which he throw at kakashi but he dage the attock but get hit and wounded bad,
Kakashi: he is too power full now with new items and now my dad im sorry guy we wont fight again and see and image of everyone includeing rin obito naruto and even saske and as he fall he see youg obito
Obito: fall by ur own dad u trash as he see kakashi fall by his dad hand throught his chest and his heart in his hand
Kakashi dad: tears down through his eyes Im sorry son how face u and ur mother
Obito: dont worry u cant and now u will be my new pown and kill this one too
ten ten: shit(too Fast for me to see) same thing with kakashi
Obito:take his eye and leave naruto in his dem....and see madara kill guy, and other few ninjas
naruto: shit where is everybody and see kakashi and ten ten body with no heart
Next time the end

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