Thursday, 27 December 2012

Naruto 616

Hinata: my chakra... its returning... how?

Naruto: Kurama allows me to pass chakra to others by touching them

Hinata: (Naruto-kun I knew I felt safe in your hands)

Naruto talking to Bee via Tailed Beast Connection

Naruto: Bee-san I have my power back, now is the time execute the plan

Bee: right!!!

Naruto talking to the shinobi alliance

Naruto: Everyone its time to end it

Naruto has a smirk on his face

????: I hope not without us

Naruto turns to see all the Kage but not Tsunade

Naruto: Gaara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaara: is that the Juubi

Naruto: yea

Bee: brotha your alive I knew it would take more than this motha ****a to take you out

A: Bee he is strong, too strong

Naruto: wheres Tsunade?

All the Kage have a look of sorrow on their faces, and A places a hand on Naruto

A: Naruto, she gave her life to save us... to give the world a better fighting chance

Naruto's eyes widen

Naruto: Tsunade-sama...

Obito: Naruto, how does it feel to lose but another comrade, face you cant win

Bee: Try out the true A and Bee combo, the true LARIOT

Bee and A are standing next to each other wearing the lightning style armor

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