Thursday, 27 December 2012

Naruto 616 Prediction : A Hawks prey

Obito: ...*he's holding her hand...and she's holding his....I see.*
Obito: Naruto, if I were to kill that woman beside you, what would you do?
Hinata: !?
Naruto shows an angry face at him
Naruto: Come and try.
Obito: You don't know, do you? You would be so fueld with rage that you would lose control, and kill everything around you wouldn't you. Just like I did, when I saw the one I loved killed by my best friend.
Kakashi: *!? So...back killed those mist shinobi...*
Naruto: IT WILL NEVER COME TO THAT! You won't lay a hand on her, or anyone else from here on out!
Obito: ...
Madara: He won't, but I will.
Madara claps his hands and a giant meteor comes from the sky
Obito: !? What do you think youre doing?
Madara: Excuse me? You just aimed the juubi's bijuudama point blank at them and you're complaining about this?
Obito: That's not it, I want to prove my point.
Madara: Ha, you really are a child.
Kakashi: It's too big for my Kamui!
The army starts running for it
Naruto starts creating a bijuudama
Naruto: Hinata, when I blow that rock up, can you push the remianing rocks away from everyone with your wind palm?
Hinata: With this much chakra, I guess I can..
Naruto: Alright!
Naruto fires his bijuudama, it destroys the meteor
Hinato jumps on Naruto's back and Naruto jumps into the air
Hinata uses her wind palm in hitting all the falling rocks away from the army
Kiba: Wow, hinata sure packs a punch with Naruto's chakra.
Sakura: Amazing...Hinata and Naruto really work well together..... (flashback of Sasuke's face) I wonder how he's doing....
Scene changes to the Kages
Raikage puts hit shirt on Tsunade upper half body
Onoki: She gave her life to save ours, as expected from the hokages, always sacrificing themselves for others.
Raikage: She even gave me my arm back...
Mei: What about you Katsuya, what will you do?
Katsuya: I will follow lady Tsunades will, and pass myself to her successor.
Gaara: The last of the legendary three has died.
Orochimaru: Oh I don't know about that.
Kages: !??
Orochimaru stands high on a tree left my Madara
Mizukage: That's...
Gaara: Impossible...Orochimaru?
Onoki: I thought that punk Sasuke kid killed him?
Sasuke walks up beside Orochimaru
Raikage: !? SASUKE!
Sasuke: What are the kages doing here.
Juugo: According to my birds, they were in combat with Uchiha Madara
Orochimaru: *I our little Madara experiment became strong enough to defeat the 5 delightful.*
Sasuke: Where is Madara.
Juugo: He's north from this location, a couple miles.
Orochimaru: Sasuke, you wanted to kill Madara correct?
Sasuke: Yeah, why.
Orochimaru: Good...but can you pull it off?
Sasuke stares at him with the Eternal
Sasuke: Are you questioning my power.
Orochimaru: No, I'm merely proposing a safer path in approaching this situation.
Sasuke: And that would be..
Orochimaru: If Madara was capable of all this, then so should you, that is if you want to defeat him. So why not test your power...
Orochimaru looks at the kages
OrochimaruL Against them!
Gaara: Sasuke! Madara is our enemy as well. He's too powerful. If you engage us here, you won't gain anything.
Onoki: He's right boy. There is a war going on, this is a fight for another time.
Sasuke: What's that smell?
Onoki: !?
Sasuke:'s fear.
Raikage: Damn you! You little shit come at me!
Raikage powers up
Mei: Raikage-sama don't! Look at his eyes. They're different from before. Remember what happened in your last fight with him.
Raikage: You dare mock me woman! He's still a threat to the shinobi alliance! If anything he's still working with that masked man! Our duty is to stop that. On top of that, he's got Orochimaru with him. It's out duty to stop him.
Onoki: ...he makes a point.
Gaara/Mei: !?
Onoki: Naruto and the others are dealing with the other Madara and perhaps the real Madara now. We can't give them more weight to deal with. We do our part here.
Mei: ...
Gaara: Agreed.
Orochimaru: Then it's settled. After this...we will go to our original location.
Sasuke: Fine. This should only take a few minutes.
Sasuke jumps towards them with his hand on his sword
Chapter end.

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