Saturday, 8 December 2012

Naruto 613 Prediction: Heading out

-taka and orochimaru are heading towards one of orochimarus bases-
Sasuke: So, we're going here..
Suigetsu: Don't you see! He's probably gonna trick us and take your-
Sasuke: Quiet.
Orochimaru: Fufufu, you two amuse me..
-they reach the area-
Suigetsu: Hey, there's not even a base here!
Juugo: I've never been here..
Sasuke: This is orochimaru's base that only me and him know about, the Forbidden Jutsu base.
Suigetsu: What's that?
Sasuke: You said with that scroll us taka would rule.
-sasuke takes the scroll and lays it out and an invisible huge base appears-
-suigetsu and juugo stand in shock-
Orochimaru: Come.
-they walk in-
Sasuke: The secrets of all the almighty jutsu and deepest secrets of it, lie here..
Orochimaru: So, you wanted to meet him..
-they walk into a special room with Suigetsu acting scared and standing outside-
Orochimaru: Their souls have been sitting in this very room for some time.. The scroll has a second purpose. -Orochimaru lays it out again- Forbidden Technique: Reverse Reanimation!
Suigetsu: Wh-What kind of tricks are you pulling?
Sasuke: A diffrent version of edo tensei. Does not require sacrafice, but can take a soul from the Reaper Itself. However, only the souls are revived, not the body.
-The ghostlike form of Hashirama and Tobirama appear-
-hashirama's eyes open and tobiramas too-
Hashirama: This man, again.. -looks at orochimaru-
Sasuke: We do not mean any harm. I wanted to ask you a few questions.
Tobirama: Questions?
Sasuke: Yes, such as what is a village, a shinobi.. I wanted to know the truth from the founders, the ones who know all!
Hashirama: A shinobi is someone who never gives up, and sticks to his way..
Tobirama: A village is a gathering of people, united as one.
Sasuke: Hashirama, back when you sided with Madara.. did you expect uchiha to be exterminated?
Hashirama: Madara, a name I haven't heard in years.. I did. I always sensed something about Madara. He is truely evil.
Sasuke: ... He's.. alive now. And in a godly state. But there are some things I wanted to ask him as well..
Hashirama: Madara is alive?! .. This is bad. Honestly, I couldn't even match madara's might, even with my Mokuton. But, I studied him, and his secrets. I found one technique to stop him..
-skip to sasuke outside the Base-
Sasuke: That is all I needed to hear from them.
Orochimaru: Where are you going?
Sasuke: This is where we temporarily part ways.. There are some things that need to be asked, and done.. I'm heading out!

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