Thursday, 20 December 2012

Naruto Chapter 615: "Eternal Youth...!"

*Naruto lays Neji carefully onto the ground with Hinata staring in intense saddness*

Obito: "This is war...and war is-"

*Naruto's tears fall profoundly on the spot where Neji's curse mark use to be*

Naruto: "Shut the Hell up!!

*Obito smirks in amusement*

Naruto: "I don't care how you got the way you did, but it doesn't justify anything! A life of someone you care about means more than you can ever know!!"

*Obito stares at Naruto intently*

Obito: *in his thoughts* "I do know....Naruto....that is why...

*Naruto turns in anger as he forms a normal rasengan, leaves begin to dance in the air*
*Obito stops his thought*

Naruto: "A rogue leaf shinobi like you makes me sick!! I was tought something long ago, and you fit the PERFECT description!....Those who abandon their friends....*Naruto's eyes go back into sage mode*....are worse than scum!"

*Obito looks down. He thinks back to kakashi and Rin long ago"

Obito: "A brat like you refuses to listen! I will rebuild this world...I Will Bring Back What Truly Matters! This world....I don't care anymore....I would be scum if I don't save everyone from this world and all of it's pains!"

*Naruto jumps in the air towards the Juubi, aiming at Obito with the Rasengan*

Naruto: "Enough of that Bull crap! That justifies nothing!"
Obito: "...!"
Kakashi: "...."

*Naruto swings his arms forward along with the rasengan. Obito lets it slip passed him*
*Obito smirks with his eyes closed*

Obito: "You just don't learn do you."

*Suddenly Obito is taken aback as he is punched by Gai who is in the 5th gate*

Obito: "!?!"
Gai: "Like you said, this is war! You should be paying more attention!!"

*Obito lands on the juubi, and realizes that he was careless after Naruto slipped through him. He went back
out of Kamui after thinking there was no other threat*
*Naruto stands in awe on part of the Juubi near Obito. Obito sits up, and looks at Madara with annoyance*

Madara: "I would of said something, but like you said...we aren't friends."

*Gai flashes in insane speed in front of Madara*
*Madara easily avoids it as if nothing*

Gai: *in his head* "He's quick"

*Gai turns to Obito as he prepares to open Gate 6 and 7*

Gai: *in his head again* "Neji died by there hands. Who would of thought that one from my generation would become a threat to the ninja world."

Gai: " is sad to see how far you have fallen."

Naruto: "...."
Madara: *with a blank face*
Obito: "It's been a long time...Might Gai"

*The ten-tails swerves around, making Naruto fall on his butt, still staring at Gai and Obito in a faceoff atop the juubi*
*Gai opens the 6th gate, but then immediately opens the seventh. This almost takes Madara off balance as strong
winds boom and spread in every direction.*

Naruto: *remembering Lee opening the fifth gate* "It seems to be a lot stronger this time around. Gai is
amazingly powerful" *His blond hair gets caught in the wind, almost taking his headband*
Madara: *unamused* "Obito, are you sure you can take him on your own?"

*Gai exploding with a strong aura. Fist clenched*

Obito: "Gladly. After all, I have a score to settle with him after being defeated in the Chuunin Exams long ago."

*Gai releasing another massive load of whirlwinds, and glowing in a shining brilliance*

Kakashi: *from below* "That's!?!?!"
Gai: *In thought* "I'm sorry kakashi...I promised you i wouldn't use it...but..."

*Shows Neji on the floor, surrounded by TenTen and Lee with tears in there faces*
*Lee stares up towards his sensei, and flinches in horror*


Kakashi: *horror on his face* "NO GAI!! DON'T DO IT!!!"

*silence fills the air*

Naruto: "!?"
Rock Lee: "!?"
Madara and Obito: "..."

*Gai turns blood red*


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