Friday, 28 December 2012

Naruto 616 : REUNION!!!

NARUTO : Lets get this show on the road, Hinata!!
HINATA : !! [It makes me!!] Okay...!!
(Naruto holds Hinata's hands tightly)
SAKURA : Hinata....[She was always besides Naruto] (remembers)
Sai : (to Sakura) I think, Naruto loves you.
SAKURA : ?!!
KAKASHI : Sakura!! Don't get into the emotions now.
SAKURA : (looks at Kakashi and then down with a sad face).......(then feels happy for Naruto)
(Naruto goes in Kyuubi mode with nine chakra tails holding Hinata inside of it.)
HINATA : It feels like...
NARUTO : Lee!!
(Lee lands near Naruto)
NARUTO : Take Neji out of here and tell Kakashi Sensei to evacuate the corpses from the field.
LEE : [Neji....]?!!....(looks at Neji and feels sad and then holds him and moves back)
LEE : Kakashi Sensei. Naruto told to move away the corpses from the field.
KAKASHI : !! ...I can understand how must be he feeling right now. Okay. Kitsuchi.
NARUTO : Hold on, Hinata!!
(runs forward and scratches on juubi's body with its claws.)
(But the juubi's tails hold the arm and throws him on the alliance)
(Naruto manages to stand among the alliance without hurting them)
NARUTO : Uncle Bee!! Are you alright?
BEE : Yo!! Kiddo!!
NARUTO : Then lets nail those bastards.
MADARA : Are they serious, Obito?
OBITO : (Ignores him) You still don't understand, Naruto!! I'll just have to make you feel the true despair by killing that girl standing beside you.
HINATA : ?!!
NARUTO : As if I let you, You moron!!
(Naruto and Bee dashes towards the Juubi)
(But they are thrown back because of the punches from the Juubi's tails)
NARUTO : Damn those tails or hands whatever. They're not letting us to reach near the Juubi.
KITSUCHI : Kakashi, why is he wasting the chakra on the dead. We can use it to fight the Juubi.
KAKASHI : I don't know. But he can't stand himself while fighting on their lying corpses.
(Kitsuchi moves away the corpses with the help of other earth style users)
KAKASHI : Shikamaru!!
(Shikamaru turns to Kakashi)
KAKASHI : Are you thinking about what I have found now?
SHIKAMARU : Yeah!! But we have to be careful.
KAKASHI : Yes. (looks at Hinata and Naruto) but we can't distract him now in the middle of the battle.
SHIKAMARU : Don't worry. We have our cards to play. Ino!! Choji!!
INO/CHOJI : !! (stands near Shikamaru)
KAKASHI : Choji!! guard Shikamaru and Ino.
CHOJI : Okay!!
SHIKAMARU : Ino, can you connect me to Naruto without your mind transfer.
INO : (remembers)
(Ino coming from a mission)
INO : (looks at her dad coming from the other way) Good evening dad!!
INOICHI : Good evening, Ino. How was your mission?
INO : (thumbs up) Mission Successful!! Today's mission was totally depended on my mind transfer jutsu. Thanks to my training.
INOICHI : Ino, you are progressing in your Mind Transfer Jutsu very well.
INO : Thank you, Dad. One day I'll perfect it.
INOICHI : But, Ino...
INO : What?
INOICHI : You can't rely on it when you are in a war, at least when your comrades are not around you to hold your body.
INO : But we will not be facing a war.
INOICHI : (laughs) No one can say that. We must always be prepared for... whenever time comes. War never gives a second chance. I'll teach you a jutsu. But you must be exhausted now. We will do the training tomorrow
INO : Okay dad.
(Next Morning)
INO : Dad, Which jutsu will you teach me today?
INOICHI : The first main objective of the War is to damage the enemy's mind. And as you know, our clan is specialist in mind related jutsu-
INO : But how are we going to attack those many enemies' minds. That'll be difficult. What if our body comes in their custody?
INOICHI : That's the main point of our jutsus. I'll attack you with one of it.
INO : ?!!
INOICHI : Be ready!!(makes a handseal)
INO : I'll just use my Mind Trans- (falls on the ground)
INOICHI : Hey, Ino. Are you alright
(Ino sits holding her head)
INO : That felt too much stress on my mind. Damn it.
INOICHI : I'm sorry child.
INO : But how did you do that? So quickly. I want to learn that jutsu.
INOICHI : (laughs) Yeah sure. But not today. I'll help you out. This jutsu is similar to Mind transfer but the speed of shifting from one body to another is within a blink of an eye and readily back to our own body. This even reduces down the probability of falling unconscious. And within that period of fraction of seconds you must disturb the mentality of your enemy. Got it!!
INO : You mean to say you transferred in my mind and disturbed my mentality in that moment. I want to learn it too.
INOICHI : We can use it either way round to communicate with you comrades but partially splitting our mind. That's what I and our clan members do during the war. Giving orders to our fellow comrades on the battlefield.
SHIKAMARU : Ino, Ino!! Can you?
INO : I'll try my best.[Thank You, Dad.]
SHIKAMARU : That's good.
INO : (sits down) Mind Exploring Jutsu!! Shikamaru sit nearby. I'll connect you to Naruto.
(Ino puts her hand on Shikamaru)
INO : Alright!!
SHIKAMARU : Hey, Naruto!!
NARUTO : ?!! How are you?
SHIKAMARU : Listen up. You can see that Juubi's is not allowing you to reach near him.
NARUTO : Yeah.
SHIKAMARU : That's because of Hachibi's Bijuudama that he used it on the Juubi's Bijuudama to blast it inside of the Juubi.
NARUTO : Yeah. That was a cool plan.
SHIKAMARU : As knuckle headed as always. Listen Naruto. The Juubi's body is not yet recovered from the blast. It seems that the inner skin of the Juubi is weak compared to its outer skin. We must attack him from the inside.
NARUTO : (looks at Juubi's hanging stomach out of its shape) ?!! But we can't even reach near him. And you're telling me to attack from the inside. The tails are stopping us.
SHIKAMARU : That's a tricky one. I think the alliance can try to hold of some of the tails. You can try your luck at that moment.
NARUTO : But that's impossi-
INO : (Blood drips from her nose) ....Sorry..... Shikamaru.
SHIKAMARU : Doesn't matters Ino. I told him the most of the part. Thanks to you and Sakura.
INO : Thank You Sakura.
(Sakura is shown healing her and helping her to regain her chakra back)
Sakura : Your nose is bleeding. Don't worry.
KAKASHI : Shikamaru. Did you explained him.
SHIKAMARU : Yeah. But (looks at Naruto)
NARUTO : Damn it.
HINATA : [I'm still useless.] (looks sad)
NARUTO : (looking at her) Don't feel bad Hinata.
NARUTO : Kurama. You heard everything, right?
KURAMA : Yeah. I don't think the alliance will be able to hold the tails even for 5 seconds.
NARUTO : Can you do that?
KURAMA : Hmm...You're a devil Naruto. Okay, I'll do it.
NARUTO : Hehe (scratches his head).
KURAMA : switch over.
(Kurama takes the place and turns to the alliance)
HINATA : ?!! (feels the chakra in her)
KURAMA : (growls and runs towards the alliance with an angry look)
BEE : ?!! (shocks at Naruto running in opposite direction)
ALLIANCE : ?!! (gets a little scared)
SHIKAMARU : ?!! What is he doing?
KAKASHI : ?!! Naruto. Shikamaru!! contact him.
INO : I'm ready.
SHIKAMARU : Naruto?!!
KURAMA : Hey kid, Its me, Kyuubi. Tell everyone not to move from their place.
KURAMA : Do it!!
INO : ?!!
KAKASHI : What he said?
SHIKAMARU : He said not to move from the place.
KAKASHI : [Could it be?] Shikamaru. Do it!! Hurry up.(looks at Kyuubi)
(Some of the shinobis retrieves back to avoid the Kyuubi's attack)
ALLIANCE : He's gone mad!!
MADARA : ?!! Is the Kyuubi still not in full control of that boy?
OBITO : ?!! [That's!!] (remembers Kakashi's punch in the other dimension)
INO : (puts her hand on Shikamaru while Sakura heals Ino)
SHIKAMARU : Everyone!! Don't Panic. Stay where you are.
ALLIANCE : What is he talking about?!! What?!! Why?!! How can we..?!!
SHIKAMARU : Naruto has a plan. I guess
(Kurama runs over and slams his hands and tails on the alliance creating a chaos)
MADARA : He's reducing our pain.
OBITO : He's not.
(Kurama slams the Ino-Shika-Cho group too)
HINATA : Naruto?!! What are you-
KURAMA/NARUTO : Hey girl, you're next!!
HINATA : ?!! [His voice. What happened to Naruto?]
NARUTO : Kurama!! You scared Hinata.
KURAMA : I just gave her the orders what she has to do.
NARUTO : What?!!
KURAMA : Now then..
(The whole field is covered with dust)
INO : .....
SHIKAMARU : Kyuubi!! Thanks for the power up.
KURAMA : Thank me later kid, put the plan in action.
SHIKAMARU : ?!! Yeah alright. Earth Style Users(ESU)!!
ESU : ?!!!
SHIKAMARU : Try to hold as much as Juubi's tails stationary and others help them to achieve it. Make the way for Naruto!!
ALLIANCE : Roger!!!
MADARA : What is he up to?
OBITO : ......[They won't be able to scratch our plan even if they recover]
(From the dust where Naruto/Kurama is standing, several shinobis leap out from it in the air)
(A confidence is shown in their eyes)
(Juubi growling)
(The shinobis land ahead of the dust area and runs towards Juubi)
MADARA : Little flies dare to buzz around
(The shinobis stops in a hurry in front of the Juubi and makes the handseals)
ESU : Earth Style : Devil's Arm!!!
(A bunch Huge arms rises from the ground from the center and grabs the tails of the Juubi)
ESU : Use your full strength!!
(The arms holds the tails and separates on either sides giving an opening to attack the Juubi's body)
OBITO : Damn you!!(Holds a seal)
KURAMA/NARUTO : Now's my chance.
HINATA : ?!!
(Kurama runs towards Juubi for the attack)
(Two-Three Juubi's tails frees itself from the arm's grip and tries to block the attacking Kurama)
(Some of the Water style users attack)
WSU : Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!!
(The dragons attacks the blocking tails and tries to separate them.)
(Shinobis rains explosive Kunais at the blocking tails creating a huge cloud of smoke along with steam formation)
KURAMA : Hey girl, hold yourself.
HINATA : Okay!!
KURAMA : Naruto!! You rest and build up your chakra for now.
NARUTO : Huh?!! What do you mean?
KURAMA : You'll know it soon. Hachibi!! Are you ready?
GYUUKI : Whenever you are!!
(Kurama dashes towards Juubi)
HINATA : ?!!
(Everyone with a stunned face, What are the chances for the hit? Will they succeed in their plan?)
(Kurama runs through the smoke with full speed to attack the Juubi)
(As he passes through the smoke, on the other side, sharp claws emerges out with an orange colored fur on whole hand)
(As the chakra covered body passes through the smoke, on the other side, the face of the devilish Kyuubi with sharp canines emerges out)
(As the whole chakra tails pass through the smoke, on the other side, the bunch of tails emerges out and then spreads out)
(The Kyuubi enters the battlefield with a roar)
(Kurama runs at the Juubi violently)
MADARA : My pet is out to bark.
OBITO : ......
(Hinata is shown near Kyuubi's ear holding his fur and using the chakra at her feet to stand)
(Kurama reaches near Juubi's stomach and attacks with his claws on his stomach to tear apart.)
(But the claws don't go much deeper)
(Juubi, in pain, attempts to attack with his only hand to stop the Kyuubi's claws but Kurama blocks it with his tails and attempts several more attacks to worsen Juubi's wounds)
(Hinata runs back from Kyuubi's head to tail and jumps off from there)
(At the same moment, Kurama jumps high in the air looking in Madara's eyes directly with anger)
(At the same moment, Hachibi comes into the picture from behind with a huge Bijuudama)
(Hinata lands on Hachibi's head)
(Several Hyuugas along with Hiashi jumps on Hachibi from back and runs along the way towards his head)
HIASHI : Hinata!! Are you alright!!
HYUUGAS : Lady Hinata!!
HINATA : (looking at Hiashi) Yes!!
HIASHI : Ready!! Bee!!
HACHIBI : Here we go, Take this one!!! Motha....f**ka!!
(Launches the Bijuudama straight onto Juubi's stomach but is about to rebound back)
HIASHI : (stretches both the arms) Air Barrier Palm!!!
HINATA : Air Palm!!!
HYUUGAS : Air Palm!!
(Hyuugas standing on Hachibis head with Hiashi at the center, pushes the Bijuudama with all might through Juubi's stomach)
(Juubi screams in pain as the Bijuudama is pushed inside)
(One of the tails attack the Hyuugas)
HYUUGAS : (still holding their attacks) ?!! Damn it!!
???? : Gatsuuga!!!
???? : Gatsuuga!!!
(Gatsuuga pushes out the tails away up to certain limit to prevent the attack)
(Kiba, Akamaru, his mom and her partner lands on the Hachibi's back)
KIBA : What did you thought? heheh. Keep going Hinata!!
HINATA : (assures) Yes!!
(The Bijuudama is pushed further and a big hole is created through in the Juubi's stomach with the flesh burning at the edges)
(Juubi screams while staggering at his place)
(Kurama, with a grin on his face, fires another Bijuudama on Madara and Obito while in the air)
OBITO : ?!!
MADARA : (looking at Kyuubi) What a reunion?!! (smirks)

(Madara stands smiling at the Kyuubi's attack!!!)
(What are his limits?)

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