Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Naruto 615 Prediction: A New Resolve

Naruto is still holding Neji’s body, he gently places him down and turns to Hinata.

“okay, That will be enough, I don’t need protecting anymore.”

Hinata looks at Neji then Naruto, “but , but(she stands up with confidence) it is no longer you I protect anymore! It’s you and brother Neji, so I will protect you because I love you Naruto, not because of this war, but also because you now have Neji’s life. He gave it to you.”

Naruto looks at her and nod his head in agreement, “then come on we’re doing this together!”

Obito looking down, {does anything break his resolve?} “so be it.”

Madara, “is your plan not going well?”

Obito just looks at him and then back at the Alliance.

Kakashi sees Neji laying life less near Naruto and Hinata, {damn, Neji. Hinata how has this affected you?} “everyone steady yourself, he isn’t done!”

One of the Juubi hands is coming down towards Kakashi and the others.

Everyone is looking but there is no time to evade it.


Kakashi is looking up he sees, “Choji and Chouji!”

They are both huge but only big enough to stop this one hand.

Shikamaru, “dammit..” {the Kyuubi isn’t back yet, this plan rides on him.}

Naruto, “hey Obito, Yes. Yes I did say that about my comrades before.”

Obito looks.

Naruto, “the thing is, I was being childish. This is war and people get hurt, friends and loved ones may die. But we must fight on and honor their sacrifice, without sacrifice there is no life.”
Obito, “I am going to fix that soon as I defeat this pointless Alliance.”

Naruto, “you know until I met you I thought I was kinda dumb. You so dumb you don’t see what’s in front of you The Alliance is your dream…and MiNE!”

Obito is a bit thrown off, “what? But look around people are dying, this isn’t my dream!”

Madara, {hmmm, who’s resolve is faltering now?}

Naruto, “yeah they are but that is your doing. Everyone came together because of you. But also they are dying and getting hurt because of you.”

Shikamaru, {is he buying us time or is he really trying to stop this guy with words?}

Obito, “but, I I am going to make a world where no one dies! No one is sad!”

Madara, {okay, I am going to step in now.} “this is how you break a hero’s resolve.”

He break’s loose from the Juubi and claps his hands together, “Wood style: rising death!”

Obito, “what… are ?”

Many wood spikes rise form the ground on the battlefield, they begin to go through the Alliance swiftly taking out 4 and 5 at a time.

Hinata is pulled out of the way by Naruto he holds her up as spike rise and go through his leg and side.

Naruto sees this, then talking to Hinata, “I finally see everything, including you. Sorry it took so long” He slightly smiles.

He looks up his eyes are Sage mode

A hand comes crashing down on them and the debris is scattered.

Hyuuga member, “Hinata-Sama?!”

Sakura, “Naruto!”

Shikamaru, “dammit, come on you idiot!”

Naruto’s voice from the dust that is clearing, “hey, Is that anyway to talk to the future Hokage?”

He is holding the hand up with one, with the help of a clone and Hinata in his other arm.
Shikamaru, “when your Hokage I will call you Konoha’s Idiot Hokage. Now quit fooling around, we are depending on you!”

Obito, “indeed no more fooling around, Madara…”

Madara, “Yes I know I think I will destroy everyone now, you just go as far as you can, don’t worry about the Juubi it will be fine.”

Naruto is smiling as he throws the hand off and jumps off the spikes with Hinata.
Sakura rushes over and begin to heal his injuries.

Obito, “why are you smiling?”

Madara, “it doesn’t matter, get out of here Obito.”

Naruto, “Kage Alliance no jutsu.”

Suddenly as he sys that Raikage with Oonki on his back slams into Madara sending him flying off the Juubi. A great amount of sand attacks the eye of the Juubi. Lava begins to surround Madara as he goes into his Susan’oo.

Tsunade is behind Naruto, Sakura and Hinata.

She sees Hinata holding Naruto’s arm, “well it’s about time.”

Naruto scratches his head and blushes, “uhm, Sakura?”

Sakura, “it’s fine Naruto, trust me.”

Madara, “how, did…?”

Raikage come crashing down on the Susan’oo, “we made a promise to that guy over there!”

Mei, walks up, “wouldn’t be good for a Kage to break a promise, you understand right?”

Oonki, “now, where were we?”

Gaara comes in, “we are about to defeat, the great Madara Uchiha. Once and for all!”

Naruto, “I’m okay now, I felt you goes coming a few moments ago when I was in Sage mode before!”

Obito, {dammit, I can barely keep the Juubi still without Madara here, I have to do something}
Shikamaru, “Naruto is he ready yet?”

Kurama inside Naruto, “I have chakra but if we are gonna be sure I need more.”

Naruto, “Not yet Shikamaru, but I got a plan, don’t worry!”

Kakashi, “lady Tsunade you keep scaring me like this. Glad your okay.”

Tsunade, “hmmm, oh you mean being Hokage after I die. Don’t need to worry bout that, after the war your Hokage anyway! I’m getting too old for this!”

Naruto, {Kakashi sensei, Hokage? Hmmmm, well he deserves it, but watch out cause I’m about to blow there minds!} “hey Kakashi Sensei, you mind if I beat up your ex-teammate?”

Obito, “what? As if you..”

Naruto from behind him, “rasengan!”

He rams it into his back causing Obito to fall. The Juubi reacts wildly but calms down .

Obito, “how did you…?’

We see Naruto eyes in Sage mode, “a jutsu my Father created but never finished, he had a habit of that.”

Obito, “what…the fourth Hokage? I don‘t mean the rasengan”

Naruto, “me either…”

Kakashi, {did he just use but he doesn‘t know the first levels of it, how could he use…} “Flying Thunder God: version 3!?”

Next: “Heritage”

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