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Naruto 614 predictions the fathers legacy

Naruto 614 predictions the fathers legacy

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    listen while reading for more effect

    Shikamaru: *shocked face*....

    ino: * crying* father...

    flash back...

    shikakau: Do you think the missions will stop if you don't lead them? don't be a coward! your friends will still have to go and some of them may not come back when you could have been there to protect them, you can choose to learn from youe mistakes and save them next time or throw this away and let them die....


    Shikamaru: I wasn't strong enough again....

    flash back...

    asuma: i'm not gonna make it i can feel it i beat you 3 can feel it to.


    shikmaru: Again i've lost someone close of of shikamrus face as he cries* Why...

    choji: shikmaru...

    ino: *sobbing uncontrollably* Father!

    flash backs of ino and her father when she was young are seen

    kakashi: shikamaru ino your fatehrs died with that final plan you heard it as well as i did, we can't let their sacerfice go in vain.

    shikamaru: I know how naruto felt now, he never knew his parents and teh pain i'm feeling now must be a similar one that he felt.

    flash back...

    skika: where were you?

    shikamaru: i was talking to naruto there is something about him.


    Shikamaru: their gone, dead and we'll never see them again... But we have to move forward and stop That monster taht killed them! Ino I know the pain you're feeling but we must stand and fight!

    Ino: Its what they'd want.

    choza: skikaku, inochi thankyou and good bye my old friends, CHOUJI! let's make that thing pay!

    The ninja go rushing at the juubi once more.

    madara: how could they have already come up with a new plan without a leader to rally them?

    obito: its possable they got one last message out before they were killed.

    madara: hm no matter a last minute thought up plan has no use against us.

    A close of up shiamaru ino and choji running at the juubi is shown with choza behind them he closes his eyes and sees himself inochi and shkiaka in a similar formation as kids He opens his eyes as teh attack is readed choji and choza use the expansion jutsu making them the same size as the juubi choza takes the red chiili peper pill and uses butter fly bullet boming on one side while choji does it on the other They are quickly picks up by the tails of the jububi and tossed aside form there choji throws shikamaru, kakashi naruto and ino and choza throws some memebers from all 3 of those clans. Narutos forms a rasen shuriken in his hand useing the help of some shadow clones And while he's in sage mode he throws it At obito who kamuis it to his world But kakahsi releases it from the kamui world directly at the juubi the juubi smacks it away but stops in its tracks after words as memebrs of the nara clan have bound the juubi from moving and memebrs of the akamichi clan appear from above in the butter fly mode smashing down upn the juubi sending it into the ground but roars and sends them flying up into the air All of the yamakaka clan members then Try to bind the juubis mid to keep it from moving while ino takes over kakashis body and leads him up to obito obito sallows kakahsis body up into kamui world and ino returns to her body Then from below the hachibi punchs the juubis into the air where Naruto in bm is creating a large tailed beast bomb and the hashcibi does the same from below firing them at the same time the juubi sallows the one from above and wacks the one below with its tail shikamaru who was hidden on the solid tailed beast bomb has jumped onto teh tail and useing shadow binding binds all its tails together and holds the tails still The haschibi wacks his own tailed beast bomb right back up and naruto forces the beast to turn around Obito attempts to warp the bomb but on the other side kakashi is sneding it directly back making the bomb explode on the juubis head Kakashi returns to where the others are shikamaru ino choju and chhoza appear tehre choza smiles seeing his team mate in shkamaru.

    shikamaru: we didn't get it but thats part one of the plan complete to bad it wasted almost all of our chakra to get one hit in.

    choza: calm down this is your fathers legacy in order to beat the juubi and save the world we will see it though to the end, next time we rip the head off with kamui!

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