Monday, 3 December 2012

Naruto 612 Prediction: Acknowledgement

Obito thinking: Naruto, you're exactly the same as me. We both want things as they once were. Not only do you want Sasuke back, but you want him as your friend. You want him to enjoy the world as he used to with you. You want him to accompany you on missions. You want to grow older as friends. You want him to forget the awful truths of this life that have happened since. I am no different. I want Rin back as well. However, its more than that. I want everything the way it used to be between us. I want sensei back. I want Kakashi as a friend. I too want my memories to surface and take control of this reality. However, I have indulged too far. Now, I realize that after Kakashi impaled and killed Rin, I refused to accept that. That is why I went very far, I killed comrades and friends. Made allegiances with enemies. Just so that I could reverse that one event and create a world free from the hatred that has been clinging onto this reality ever since. That is my goal. That is why I must accomplish the moons eye plan. I have no love with this reality. I will create a reality, where both of us will be friends, Naruto.

*Scene switches to Sasuke and Orochimaru*

Sasuke: Where are you talking me?
Orochimaru: Heh, impatient are we Sasuke-kun. I'm taking you the the demon who sealed the 9 tails and the former Hokage within himself!
Sasuke: !? Shiki Fuujin ?!
Orochimaru: Long ago, the 2nd Hokage once faced a terrible battle. He was thrown into darkness, on the verge of death. That is where he met the demon.
Orochimaru: It was through that experience where the 2nd learnt how to contact the dead souls and subsequently resurrect them through Edo Tensei. Of course, only the Uzumaki knew how to summon the demon, therefore, he invoked the council of Uzumaki Mito, the wife of the first lord hokage. His plan was to bring the 1st back. However, the jutsu itself was extremely tainted and needed a sacrifice. Thus it was abandoned and classed as a forbidden Jutsu.
Sasuke: How are you going to summon the death demon, do you know Shiki Fuujin?!
Orochimaru: Kukukuku Sasuke kun, you know very little about me don't you?
Sasuke: ?!
Orochimaru: I carry Uzumaki blood!
Sasuke: ?!?!?
Orochimaru: Yes, its not true uzumaki blood but its from all the uzumaki's that i once had in my possession which sorta gives me some of thier powers/abilities. I managed to take some of their blood much like kabuto told he did to himself
Sasuke: !? You...
Orochimaru: Kukukukuku, sasuke-kun let us continue

Orochimaru is about to make handsigns

Sasuke: Wait, how does the death god know everything?
Orochimaru: Because he see's everyone who dies in this world and can talk to them in the afterlife if he chooses to
Sasuke: ...fine, summon him! but you better not try anything funny or else i will kill you once again
Orochimaru: kukuku
*thinks in brain* seems like sasuke-kun has grown strong best not to try anything till afterwards

Orochimaru starts to make handsigns

??? : Stop!!

Sasuke and Orochimaru look towards outside the cave

Orochimaru: HMm!! My Test Subject has arrived
Sasuke: Test Subject??

Yamato is seen standing there with juugo & suigutsuin binded nearby a wood clone. Yamato has a different aura about him and seems like his been energized somehow

Yamato: Sasuke...Orochimaru, i will take care of you on behalf of the Ninja Alliance with the additional power that i have obtained by being merged with the 1st Hokages Cells!!

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