Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Naruto 614 Prediction: Impossible plan

The mind of the alliance is no more.

First page shows smoke clearing away from a Susano
It's Sasuke and he's protecting Juugo, Suigetsu and Orochimaru
Suigetsu: What the hell was that? It came out of no where!
Juugo: It felt like that Akatsuki guy's did you..
Sasuke is blocking it with the Yata mirror
Sasuke: *So you gave me your shield and sword when you touched my head again....*
Orochimaru: *Itachi handed down his strongest tools to Sasuke, not only that, Sasuke has grown to a level I could never dream of...this is...excellent.*
Sasuke: A war's going on, best if we don't interfere now. We continue to our objective.
Scene changes back to Juubi
Madara: The juubi is nearing it's final form. One more stage and we won't be able to control it with Hashirama's power. We'll have to resort to our rinnegan.
Obito: What now, shall we capture the 8 and 9 tails, they're both defeated.
Madara: Not yet, I want to leave a mark in this planet. Coordinate the Juubi to the 5 villages. if by some miracle they defeat us, at least they go back to no home.
Shikamaru lands near Kakashi
Shikamaru: Kakashi sensei, I need you to listen to my fathers plan.
Kakashi: ? Why doesn't he just tell me?
Ino lands near Kakashi and has tears on her face
Kakashi: !.....I see. Alright, tell me.
Shikamaru: According to you, you can enter in the same dimension that Tobi goes into correct?
Kakashi: Yeah.
Shikamaru: Alright, then this plan works. Listen carefully.
Shikamaru: Restraining the Juubi is not an option, however, we can do it for a brief moment, and in the brief moment, we can win this war. Shinobi of the cloud will open up with a blinding light, during that time, all of my clan members will cast our shadow possession on the Juubi, with the amount of light being used, our shadow will be enormous. That being said, Ino will take control of Tobi. Once she does, Tobi will be out of the game. That leaves Madara. Choji will go into his butterfly form and attack him, seeing as taijutsu is the most effective against Madara. Madara will have no choice but to resort to using the Juubi's bijuudama to stop Choji from smashing him. That's where you come in. You will warp that bomb away into your dimension.
Kakashi: !? But...
Shikamaru: yeah, during that time window, we will focus fire Tobi's body with everything we've got. Ino will break her connection with him and at that very moment, Tobi will have no other option to put himself in the other dimension.
And when he does...
Kakashi with a shocked face
Shikamaru: He will be struck by the bomb, and die.
Ino: ...
Shikamaru: When Tobi dies, Madara won't be able to control it on it's own, and the Juubi will be free. That leaves us with the opportunity to take down Madara then seize control over the Juubi. That's our only option.
Kakashi: *Obito.....I don't want to kill you....but if it means saving this world, then so be it* Kakashi's mangekyou activates, alright...let's do it.
Madara: Fire!
The Juubi fires a bijuudama
Darui: !? That's heading towards the cloud!
It lands
Naruto: !? DAMN YOU
Kakashi; he's targeting the villages?
Madara; Next, the mist, then the sand, then the rock...
They all land
The alliance watches in despair
Madara: And finally...the leaf!
Kakashi: !?
Obito: ....
Madara: Fire.
Obito struggles to fire it
Madara: Earth to Obito....I said fire
Obito looks at Naruto
Obito: Remember this Naruto, this is what happens in this terrible world. I want to cure all this from ever happening, I can fix everything, in that world...I care.
Obito: No, my world is eternal salvation. No pain, death and suffering. This...this world...
The Juubi fires
Naruto: NOOOOO!
The bijuudama is searing above Konoha
Undon: Look a shooting star!
Konohamaru: !? That's not a star..
Obito: is Hell.
It lands.
Chapter End.

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