Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Naruto 615 Prediction : The Final Lesson

Naruto: ...Neji...
Hinata is crying
Kakashi and Sakura: !?
Tenten: NEJI!
Lee: !?
Neji falls from Naruto's shoulder to the ground
Obito: How does it feel to lose someone close. Now you know, how I felt.
Naruto: ...*Urgh...dammit ....*
Kurama: Naruto, calm down, you're losing purity...and if you lose purity, my chakra becomes toxic.
Naruto: Everything I didn't want to happening...
Kurama: Don't let their deaths be in vein. I'm almost back at 100%. Together we'll stop this war, here and now.
Naruto: Hinata, take neji's body to a safe place...I want him to have aproper funeral.
Hinata: Yes...
Lee: * died... Why? he was one of my rivals...I....couldn't protect him..
Gai lands near Lee
Gai: Lee, what's wrong?
Lee: They killed..Neji..
Gai: !??
Lee looks at Obito
Lee: *Those eyes...just like Uchiha Sasuke....*
Lee: *Why can't I protect anyone...I'm always being saved...*
Lee enters the 5th gate
Gai: !? Lee, wait!
Lee jumps towards the Juubi
Lee: *Gai sensei...forgive me*
Lee goes into the 6th gate
Lee is jumping off the mokuton and getting closer to Obito and Madara
Madara: He's fast, but what now.
More mokuton comes flying down, some hits Lee but he continues
Lee is right on the front of the Juubi now and pulls out a mokuton branch stuck in him
Lee throws it at Obito
Obito phases through it
Lee attacks Obito
Obito: How foolish
Suddenly Lee vanishes
Obito: !?
Madara is stuck by Lee in the jaw by his kick
Madara jaw is destroyed and regenerating
Obito: I see...he made it seem as though he was attacking me but changed his attack to Madara...not bad.
Lee appears behind Madara with hidden lotus
Madara: You dare strike me?
Madara's back branches out mokouton spikes and they impale Lee
Gai: ! LEE
Lee: ! urgh...
Lee: It the end..I couldn't even protect myself...
Madara picks Lee up by the neck and throws him to Gai
Gai: ... Lee....Neji.......
Madara: Next please.
Gai enters the 7th Gate
Kakashi: !??
Gai: I promised myself, as a sensei, I would never let my comrades die in battle....especially my students....
Gai: were like a son to me.....
Gai puts his hands in an X form near his head
Kakashi: GAI! NO!
Gai: *Lee...this will be your final lesson*
Gai: THE 8th Gate...
Kakashi: GAIIIII
Sakura: !?* >:Kakashi anyone who opens the 8th gate...will die<*
Gai: OPEN!
Gai body erupts with a red aura around him.
Gai: Unlike the 7th gate which evaporates the sweat to create the blue aura, the 8th gate evaporates my own blood cells.
Naruto: Woah! Can you feel that...that red aura around him is pushing me away!
Madara: * His chakra...*
Gai: Madara...get ready. I'm next.

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