Thursday, 20 December 2012

Naruto 615: A time for mourning!

Naruto is cluching onto Neji, tears are streaming down his cheeks as Hinata silently trembles. The seal on his forehead has dissappeared. Neji is dead.

Hinata: Nii-san!

Naruto: Neji? Neji!

Tenten: (Hands are over her mouth in awe)

Rock Lee: My rival, no!

Gai: Bastard! (Looks at Obito) I beat your ass once, you can be damn sure i'll do it again! (Enters Gates)

Kakashi: Enough! He wants you to react like this, so he can pick you off in your haze of anger. Plus, he's too powerful with the Juubi and Madara. There will be a time to avenge your fallen student, I promise.

Gai: ... He will get want he wants, but not before I wrinkle the other side of his face! EIGHTH GATE OPEN!!!

Kakashi: That will kill you fool! Don't do it!

Chakra explodes from Gai's body, the ground cracks apart and other Shinobi around him are blown away. His skin turns red, cracks begin to ripple trough his body. His hair turns snow white while his pupils full dissappear.

Madara: Amazing.

Obito: Be careful, you can't absorb that energy, even with the Rinnegan. And he's quick, we'll have to put the Juubi on stand-by while he leads his attacks.

Madara: Hmph. The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can read movements on an even better base than the previous one can. Hyper-sonic movements are of no use.

???: That's good because i'm light speed.

Madara/ Obito: !

The panel shows Gai, directly behind Madara, an ominous look on his face.

Madara: Shit!

Obito: Kamu --- !

[It's too late, twin blows knock them both back, disconnecting them from the Juubi and lodging them inside the ground.

Shikamaru: (In his mind) That's it!

Naruto: Hold Neji, Hinata! (Charges forward)

What tha'! (His movement is frozen. He's under the Shadow Possession.)

Shikamaru: Naruto, don't! Your the key to this war. Trust me, there's a time for mourning! Let Gai hold them off! Ino connect me with all the others!

Ino: Yes (Handsign --- blood leaks out of her nose)

Shikamaru: There's been a slight change in our strategy due to the situation changing. Sakura, Chouji, Chouza, Kiba, and Hinata; distract the Juubi. Shino, Kakashi, Tenten, Ino, and I will battle Obito. Lee, back-up Gai as Madara is weak against Taijutsu. Samui and Darui, protect Bee while the others guard Naruto until he has enough chakra.

Everyone: Yes! (They begin charging to their respective position)

Madara: (Standing) Obito, the others are coming. Listen to me. Kill that Kakashi and take his Sharingan. That way, he can't counter your Kamui. Also, implant it ... and you will unlock the Eternal Sharingan!

Obito: What?! Are you sure?

Madara: Positive.

Obito: (Smilin --- in his head) That would help me with my plan.

Madara: Here he comes.

Juubi: ROOOOAAAARRR!!!! (Prepares a Bijuu- Dama)

[Guy is approaching quickly]

Obito: Not good.

Madara: (Thrust his arm upward and a wooden stick shoots out of his palm into the Juubi)

[The Juubi launches it's Bijuu-Dama in the distance.]

Madara: Good. Be more aware Obi --- !

A fist crashes into the side of his face, sending him flying to the area that the bomb is about to hit. An explosion is seen, Madara is caught in it.

Gai: Your turn.

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