Thursday, 6 December 2012

Naruto 613: the ten tails final form

Naruto 613 : This isn’t even my final form

Madara: You pathetic foolish naïve little pricks its cute that yall think your gunna win this war but ya not.

Obito: The juubi ha this isn’t even his final form

Fodder G: what?

Sakura: imam smash it yeah cause im a hopeless little pink headed tramp who still loves sasuke leedle leedle leedle * she flys into the and smashes down on the ten tails the hit like her is utterly useless*

Ten tails: * he swats her away like a fly getting hit by thor’s hammer*

Sakura: SASUKE!!!!!!

Naruto: and im just a nobody I guess Hey kurama you almost done

Kurama: * he is seen fapping fursiously in a corner* yeah almost done

Naruto: uhhh… ok -.-

Killer B: im here as useless as can be took out sasuke but was cheated out of victoryyyy they can meh killer B

Juubi: Kono sekai o kohai sa seru tame no jikan ( time to lay waste to this world)

Madara/obito: Time to lay waste to you all

*they are now merged with core of the tentails*
Kakashi: I still have hope

Shikamaru: to a new tomorrow

Fodder F: lets take… ( he is stepped on and bones shattered)

Juubi: kikara fudo uchi * thousands of eyes appear around his body half of the army begins to tear their own arms off and peel off their own fingernails while 1/3 of the rest wimper in fear ( mostly all fodder) *

Madara: glorious

Naruto: what is happening?

???: you don’t have us

Remainder of army : ?!?!?!

Sasuke: (he looks a greyer tint and his chakra is immense also a more refined not perfect but refined susanoo is seen) now then let’s see what I can do * he launches an enormous pillar of snakes at both the army and tentails* THE WORLD IS MY ENEMY I KNOW THE TRUTH

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