Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Naruto 614: Never Back Down!

The shocked faces of the Konoha 11 divides the first panel into multiple cuts. Some have looks of anguish on them, others, grimaces of fear and anger.

Kakashi: Damn, he never got to relay the strategy.

Gai: Great. We just lost one of our greatest military minds. Now what?!

Shikamaru: {Looking down} . . . . Hold the Juubi off while I come up with a strategy.

Ino: Shikamaru!

Chouji: {Gloomy expression}

Shikamrau cont.: Please, place your faith in me. Just buy me a little time and I swear to avenge our fallen comrades!

Chouji: {Smiling} Okay, we'll stall! Right everybody?

The panel once again shows the Konoha 11

K11: Right!

Shikamaru: {Bends into his thinking position} Good luck ... everybody.

Kakashi: {Stepping forward} Alright. Let's do this --- !

Sakura: No sensei. Let us handle this. Reserve your chakra. You too Naruto!

Naruto: Wha --- ?!

Hinata: Yes, place your faith in us.

Neji: You've done too much on your own.

Naruto: Neji-san! When did you ---

Neji: Just now. So please ...

Kiba: Shut your pie-hole and just sit back.

Rock Lee: And let the present generation of Konoha handle this!

Shino, Tenten, Ino, Temari, and Konkuro are smiling.

Madara: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You intend to let these weaklings try and best the Juubi. The previous generation truly is cowardly!

Old Generation: {Scowling}

???: Shut the hell up, Madara Uchiha.

Shikamaru: !!!

The panel shows HQ in shambles. Everyone is dead except Shikaku who is pinned underneath some rocks.

Shikaku: The new generation ... is not to be trifled with you arrogant, dead, old fool! Now ... go kick some ass ... son (dies )

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